Crush it without being crushed

I feel a bit anxious and impatient. I got the latest from my doctor concerning my broken elbow. It is not healing well. My fault or bad wibes? Don’t know. I am pretty tired of the left part of my body and need a positive boost. Life is like intervalls on the treadmill. If you push it too hard the first four you will never finish your 8th. You will quit after number 7, ready to puke. How you feel is always a choice. If you keep a steady pace, get your ponytail soaked and your feet wet you know you’re on the right track. And I am planning on getting back on track. Soon.

I am waiting for the weekend to come. I am taking a little trip with my runningbuddies. Roadtrip, ferryride and sleepover. One of our buddies left for other adventures but we are adding on a very interesting guy from CA. I am afraid he is a little bit faster than all of us together, but we get to enjoy the view a little bit longer. I am planning on a long run, I might even bring a picnic. And a map. I am not getting lost this time. And I don’t want to get crushed so I have decided to crush it. Give it a good shot and try my best. Who am I kidding, I’ll be happy if I’ll finish this one.

I am so grateful for my little group of peeps. If it wasn’t for them I probably would have spent an enormous sum of money on therapy by now. We are talking mafiaamounts. And running is far better than stretching on a shrink’s couch, at least that’s what I have heard. It is a constant journey and you never get there. It’s always a new day tomorrow. A new sunrise and a new drizzle.

I used to be a night owl, reading until the sun woke up and then I was ready to crawl under the covers. Most of the days when my alarm makes a soft noise before 5 I am awake and ready to eat breakfast in two seconds. I don’t mind getting up early but I am in a constant tired mode because I don’t go to bed in time. I wish the day had 3 more hours so I would get nice 8 hours of sleep. Saturdays at 6.30, heck that is late.

We used to be four, but now we are only three. The blond one took off. Hopefully we will meet our fourth somewhere in the world and run some new trails soon. We really miss her and I know our running dog does too. There are so many differences between us but somehow that makes it more interesting. We represent three different countries and have varied backgrounds. Small kids, big kids, no kids. Pets, lots of pets and no pets. And our life’s that we live right now are like night and day. What a strange combination but a very good one. How great is that? It is so nice to meet, think new and big thoughts or not think at all. The conversations that take place 6am on a dark trail in the light of a couple of headlamps are very different from the conversations you have on Starbucks during the day. Time spent with these ladies are luxury. And as long as we have the road and each other to look forward to, it’s all good. We’re laced up and ready!


And some golden wings for the days you feel like flying.