One of those days…

That feeling you get when you nail a workout. Not so much today. 150 minutes of suffering, trying to convince myself that I love life. Trying to sing very quiet, think happy thoughts, transfer myself to a happy place. It is not very often I don’t enjoy training. Almost never.



Some days are worse than others. And some days are just bad. Like today. Destructive thoughts, bad breathing, unfocused, trying to talk myself into cheating and cutting it short… Glad it’s over. And of course I finished, but not with a smile. Started out by staying in bed an extra hour, trying to go back to sleep. That hour between 6 and 7 when you feel so tired but you are already awake so it is impossible to go back to sleep. Made bad breakfast choices, ate too much and had a latte instead of the double espresso.

I think the water was colder than usual today, freezing. My goggles leaked, my foot, my arms and shoulders felt sore, my legs were crazy tired and I forgot my elbow brace. Had no power in my arms and swear that I had 15 more strokes/25yds than usual. And my boeye didn’t float. It was raining and I choose to run in hotpink Brooks Cadence, super slippery. It was muddy, the sky was grey and I had to stop at every stoplight. When I finally got into the right pace than it was time to swim again. Hepp, love training. One of those days.

Happy midsummer to all of you back home. We will have our herring, Jansson, meatballs and potatoes tonight. But without the snaps.