Sore legs and probably going crazy

Summer and soon July. Two months to go, about 60 days or so. Almost no time. It’s been a busy spring, school, work and miles. Lonely miles most of the time. Lots of time to think. It is almost time to fly back for the summer and switch gear.

I’ve been incredible tired the last few weeks. I don’t really know what it is. Summer tired? Lack of sleep? Vitamin D? Who knows? Or this is what happens when you turn 40? On top of that I started getting really sore legs in the beginning of the week so I took Tuesday off. And it made it worse. After taking good friends to the airport today I got out from the car after a couple of hours in traffic and I felt like I added on 40 years to my body. My legs are so sore I can barely walk. If I sit down I can’t get up, if I stand I can’t sit down. Going up the stairs… not happening. I would love a hot bath but getting in and out of the tub is out of the question.

I ran this morning, really easy 6 miles and it felt like 12, 16 or 20. It is interesting how it works, how your mind talks. I heard voices today. Voices that told me to walk, to turn back. I did walk a bit, downhill. I am really ridiculous sometimes, I talk to myself, in my head. Not out loud, I am not that crazy…yet. I tried to tell myself this is when it counts, to keep on running. You can always go further, try a little harder. So what if it hurts a bit, get over it. Who wants to quit? Let me tell you, it was pathetic. These conversations usually happens after +2 hours on an endless road when you feel hot, uncomfortable, tired and hungry and not after 30 minutes on Power Line Trail.

It is interesting how your mind works even on a short run when you have a bad day. You are so uncomfortable. And why are you doing this to yourself? It all comes down to your head. What will you do to get over those thoughts? How will you handle it, turn your thoughts around. I really need to work on keeping my mind clear and stop listening to myself.

But then it ends, you finish and it wasn’t too bad. The time was ok, maybe not fast but nice and steady. Today, you are a little bit better than you were yesterday. Because you didn’t quit. Easy!

But I still have very sore legs.