Back home

We are back! We arrived after a long trip with 8 suitcases and one dog. Heavy suitcases and a dog that felt very happy to get out of his box and find a bush after a very long time. It’s good to be home and it was good to be away.

We all slept better than we thought we would and our morning has been filled with gluten free panncakes and lattes, many lattes. We’ve started to unpack but it will probably take us days to finish. The only problem so far, one bag filled with blueberry- and rosehip soupmix, two big boxes exploded and left a nice scent in one of our bags. We brought an incedible amount of candy and books, and it will hopefully last for a year.


Thank you all for dinners, lunches, crawfishparties, walks, runs, coffeedates, hugs, talks and swims. Thanks for making our month in Sweden great!