How do you prepare for the unknown? Some good advice.

It’s getting closer, 20 days left. We are prepared, as ready as we can be. But I have to admit that I am nervous and a bit anxious. How do you prepare for the unknown? Maybe that is the thrill, to not know what’s going to happen.

We have our gear picked out and tested but there are still a few questions. How much water, food, some extra stuff that need to be considered. Two weeks until I leave, 20 days until race start. I am dancing weather dances and are hoping for a beautiful day and no wind and waves. Fingers crossed.

I have followed my plan and should be on track… But giving some good advice on the way, just in case.

If you can’t carry it, you probably don’t need it.

You’re the boss of your own circumstance, so make good choices.

When given the opportunity, wear a costume.

Give lots of hugs to everyone you care for.

When frustrating things happen, keep them in perspective. It can’t be that bad.

Try to learn the rules of football

Get oil changes on time; check the tire pressure, take care of your car.

Whimsy is essential.

See the beauty everywhere.

Allow yourself to be moved

And don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.