100 miles

I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day. Big thing since we have five Kindles in the family and never buy real books anymore. Sad. I love bookstores. If I am walking in to get one book I usually walk out with seven. Love, love books. One of the best parts with summer is bookstores in Sweden. I usually go thru 15 books during a month in Sweden. And bring the same amount back home. Caroline and I went to B&N the other day to find a good biography for school and came home with five new books. She got two biography’s since she couldn’t make up her mind, Roald Dahl or Gene Wilder?? All those difficult decisions in life. I’m almost finished with Dean Karnazes book Ultramarathon man: Confessions of a all-night runner. I read his blog every now and then on runnersworld.com. Interesting guy. Lesson learned, why not run a 100-miler, sounds like a lot of…fun…blisters… But he sure has a way of getting your mind spinning. Last night when reading the chapter of his last 10 miles of his first 100 mile race I somehow felt jealous and had the feeling of…yeah, why not? This is the sh**. Running in crazy heat, feeling nothing but pain and really get to know yourself. That must be the meaning of life, right? But then I woke up this morning and saw the book and turned around and slept until 6.30 and felt really fortuned to stay in bed. Can you imagine running 100 miles?

I am happy to say that I ran today. 5 very slow miles in Bridal Trails. Stepping over a lot of trees that fell over in the storm the other day. And it was a lot of mud, nice wet mud. It looks like fall is here. My tail is getting better and I am pretty sure I can run long, very long, very soon.