Sunday morning 6.30

I am awake. What a disappointment. Ending up reading the news on my phone, browsing through Instagram and checking the latest on European news. And the rest of the world. First morning sleeping in months, no tournaments, no work and I’m wasting it with a perky mood and a growling sound in my stomach. And I might even feel some kind of soreness in my lower back area? Strange. I am trying really hard to go back to sleep and to stop thinking of my 5 mile easy run that needs to be done. It’s raining, it’s cold, I am feeling old today. It’s a huge sign of age when you wake up early. Even worse when you look for your slippers when you finally get out of bed. And making myself a cappuccino before even turning on the news.

After breakfast and a few more cappuccinos I got running clothes on and made my way out. And as always I have my brightest moments outside in the rain, alone with my extraordinary brain and body. Seriously, I am kidding. My body feels kind of tired and my mind… I don’t know really. I forced a few smiles today when I met other runners. I know smiling makes your stride relaxed and posture better, yada, yada… A serious guy in tiny split shorts passed me and I tried to keep his pace but I didn’t even last 100 meters. I forced a smile like a Russian ice skater in the 70s, got my braids tighter, somehow I got it done and felt 100% better when I got home. I’ve got to tell you, I am a serious sucker for exercise, I can’t help it, it is life changing. And yes, it is enjoyable. Every day.

Yesterday was a fun day. An interesting competition on a cold, grey day. I ran, lifted and laughed a little. I never really got warmed up. I felt like I didn’t even had started when I went home. I had coffee x 3 and as always some fancy fizzy water. I had a great partner, a really nice and fine man. He made my day. We finished the thing and I can add on another experience to my life. I mostly enjoyed the company actually. I liked the competition too but there are other things in life I enjoy more. A mountain, a trail, a beautiful view, a green forest, a quiet meadow far away. A fresh newspaper and a cup of coffee. A blue sea. Snow. A backpack filled with a space blanket, a first aid kit, a thermos with coffee and a sandwich wrapped up and saved for the right moment. And a piece of chocolate. A brisk walk up Mt Si. A bright sunrise or a pink sunset on the top of a mountain. Really muddy shoes, sweaty hair and a tired body.

Until next time.