The day in numbers

3 very tired girls. 1 adult super perky, as always.

6 am wake up call, almost felt like sleeping in this morning. I was lucky to wake up 15 min earlier with 1 Kindle paperwhite pressed against my right side of the face and 1 computer under my left thigh. Awesomesauce, glamour and a bed filled of rose petals. Dogs barking outside the bedroom window and a woman with a beautiful high pitched voice screaming. Love the life in the suburbs. Flashback to Brussels in the early 90s minus the smell of fresh bread and screaming in Flemish. The good old days hanging with monks and a Belgian gay prince. Wearing very short skirts and missing the last train back from unnamed old towns.

2 cinnamon rolls in my tummy. Really hard to resist after spending 3 hours baking earlier today.

6 cinnamon rolls left out of 36. No, I didn’t eat them all, I am just so darn popular. Hard to believe, I think not.

2 large tacos for dinner and a huge amount of homemade guac.

2 very small glasses of vino to go with the 2 tacos. Very small.

2 jars of lingonberry jam brought by a friend. That means meatballs and tiny, tiny oven roasted potatoes, beats, sweet potatoes and parsnips and a lovely mushroom sauce tomorrow night.

1 friend for coffee in the afternoon made my day. Kitchen hanging and chatting away. And she had one huge rock to show off. Love you!!

2 shoulders still in their sockets after very light weightlifting, big success.

6 cups of coffee or more like 6 double espressos so that means…

1 million over 1 billion in blood pressure but still a resting heart rate of 50. I am a medical mystery.

8 empty bottles of Perrier found in my car today. Who drinks all that water? And that means a Costco run tomorrow since I am almost out of fancy water. Scary. But a pretty healthy addiction. Costco still makes my heart race, I am not a big fan. It feels like driving in Paris. Big, big boxes of dog food, allergy meds and adult diapers. I get fooled every time and comes home with wool socks, big boxes of cereal and milk filled with hormones. And we have no milk drinkers in the family. If I have a good day I could even buy 48 Sharpies or an obnoxiously big TV just because it’s there. It’s not healthy people. I LOVE WHOLE FOODS! Expensive gluten free pasta, gorgeous cheese, meat that screams and the wine guy knows my name! You want to know if the fish you buy is good or not!! And Icelandic lamb, please. Beautiful.

7 miles on the treadmill this morning. I looked awesome, great form people, happy face and I didn’t hit anyone that passed me. But felt like a brainfreeze without the benefit of the ice cream and

1 person walking on the treadmill beside me in her PJs and reading a book. Just wrong, just wrong. And one young woman without a shirt. Not ok. There are other ways to get attention.

4 females alone in the household means Thai food, fajitas and guacamole, chicken wrapped in Parma ham, frozen yoghurt and lots of chick flicks, New girl, Mindy proj and too much House and foam rolling. We sure know how to party. My girls!

5 am alarm tomorrow…

1 volleyball player has morning practice. And the season just started.

23 gallons of fuel, very empty car that started to make noises when turning sharp and driving uphill.

1 pair of shoes ordered and waiting to be delivered. Purple.

2 deer back after a long vacation. They are back and I can start my deer whispering again. Life will soon be back to normal. I have missed you! How could you leave me?

2 % oil left in my car. Will someone please take the mothership in for service. And get it cleaned. It’s mud all over, embarrassing. It’s kind of a save the world, don’t use water statement. Oui.

1 gorgeous and sparkly dress hanging in my closet bought last week when I felt sorry for myself for not being able to work out Friday after dislocating my right shoulder Thursday night. Had really big issues taking it off since I couldn’t lift my arm over my head so I just bought it. Woohaaaaa.

1 dress waiting for a fancy party, tux please. Socks, sandals and shorts, just no. NO!

1 climbing kid leaving for Smith tomorrow afternoon. Sleeping bag, granola bars and puffy coats. Missing – no climbing helmets in the household.

2 showers today. Gunde would be so proud if he knew how fast I can shower, shake and dress. Like a boss.

1 short film that I think is worth watching. I love some of the Swedish labor laws, not all.