Random chitchat

I am hot, I promise. There is something going on with the miles and treadmill pounding lately. I can feel the bounce again, my feet and legs are moving in the same direction. I shouldn’t jinx it and scream it out here but it feels good and promising for a bright future and spring. I did a beautiful belly flop on the treadmill today. I stopped and talked for a few minutes and then started running again. Hamstrings cramped up and I did a gorgeous flip and ended up on the side of the treadmill. A few people got a good laugh in the early morning. You are most welcome.

I got all worked up this morning reading an article about the movie 50 shades. How low can you sink Charlotte? What happened to the big interest in politics, heated discussions and high blood pressure on election day. Still there people, but I cover the rest of the newspaper too. And quite frankly, Bertha is not that interesting. Been there done that 20 something years ago in the south of Sweden. Big tunnel, big drill, disaster. And I am sorry, football… phew.

I think I am a bit more laid back than some years ago when I gladly and aggressively walked out from lectures to prove a point. The fire is still there but I seem to channel it differently. Back to 50 shades. The book sold over 100 million copies. And yes, I did read it. It’s one heck of a book. Not well written but quite frankly very binding. What can I say? There are petitions going around to sign because of the book/movie and it’s relations to violence and torture in relationships. And yes, I can see it and yes, it’s not good. But no, let people have their fantasies and don’t make such a big deal out of everything. Don’t feed the flame. And yes, at some point I will watch the movie. I certainly don’t want to diminish the topic but don’t read too much in to everything. There are so many things around us to get worked up about, in movies and books. Personally I really dislike Disney’s Frost. So lame, so old fashioned, so not interesting. And guns and violence, why all those guns in people’s homes? And drugs. I don’t get the weed thing here. How can you not think it’s harmful? Maybe been smoking too much?

We can all do something for the world and all people around us. If you know better, do better. Läkarmissonen in Sweden invites all to take part in Vänliga Veckan (kind, friendly week) Feburary 9-15. Do something nice and the world becomes a better place for everyone. One easy thing to take part in. Pick up the phone and call a friend (we never seem to do that anymore), surprise someone with a lunch, a hug or show your support somehow. Smile. It’s actually really easy. Many small steps…

One kid packing up climbing gear and leaving for a few days. So grateful for Fam4 that let her squeeze with them for some days. Thank you. 

And some Swedish melancholy: