I feel rich. It’s one of those days when the laughs are pouring and tears are drizzling because of happiness. All three kids are back home after a long weekend and I feel 100% intact. We almost had a broken nose after a visit in a dark bathroom to check if my tights actually were glowinthedark. The tights did glow in the dark and a knee happened to bump into a very small nose that became bigger but not broken. Dinner has been simmering since 4 and we made it together at the table 8. I am so lucky. Three beautiful girls. Almost grown up.

We started planning our trip back to our other home, our old home. I am thinking a week in Skåne, a few days in northern France and many weeks in Uppsala. I am thinking oysters in Cancale, a touristy visit at Mont-Saint Michel again, chilly dip in the English channel, a visit at Omaha beach. It’s ben too long. We are dreaming about a simple boat ride Sweden-Denmark-Sweden, food, drinks and a walk, beach time and long dinners outside. And a few nights in the greenhouse, a crayfish party and a few days at Härjarö and the summer would be complete. And maybe finish it off with a heck of a party for our bestest friend that has a big birthday in August. What do you think? Sound good?

We had a short midwinter break that officially ends tonight. Breaks are too short and school happens too often. We need more breaks and less school around here. Caroline had a great time climbing in Smith, OR and can’t wait to go back (with mom, her words not mine. I would love too!!) Big thanks to the R family that took care of her.


Photo: Maren

Spring is here. The sun is warming up Kirkland and giving us beautiful sunsets in orange and pink.


I just had to get a ride in when the sky was blue and sun was out. A nice hour and a half in short sleeves and sunglasses on. Beautiful! It will hopefully last all the way to summer.

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