The older, the better

It’s easy to get depressed when you bing or google getting older, age, etc. It tells you that your muscles starts to look flabby and your nervous system doesn’t react as fast as before. Eyes and ears change, and your heart people, changes. It doesn’t pump your blood as efficient as when you were young. But I actually think it feels more. Laughing, crying… it gets more overwhelming. A sedentary lifestyle make aging happen faster and women tend to age faster than men. What! I am not ready for muscle deterioration. I still want to wear tank tops and low cut dresses. I am not planning on having more kids but I realized the other day that it’s not cool anymore. I am over 40, it would not be fair to put anyone through that risk. But it feels a bit unfair. If I were a man I would have many more years to go. But it’s not all bad. Believe it or not, there are other things that actually gets better when you get older. A calmness comes over you and you don’t really care that much of what other people think. So what if you are a bit flabby and chubby. It’s not really worth worrying about. It could be worse. But some things actually get worse…

Technology gets complicated. I am not very savvy when it comes to new things. I am just not that interested. It’s kind of a necessary evil. I get all excited when I need a new phone or a new computer but I swear at the same time since I know I have to get everything to the new device. I am pretty much ready to throw my GPS watch into the wall. I love it when it works but my heart rate band broke months ago and I just can’t get myself to get a new one. And I am supposed to hook the watch up with the power meter on the bike, yes, absolutely. I have learned to run and trying to know my heart rate by feel. I am good, it works. The TV, ahhh, don’t get me started. I am all good as long as there is regular TV going on but Netflix, Amazon, DVD, Xbox… not that interested. We have 5 remotes! I let the kids change devices and I don’t really watch TV when I am by myself.

The moment of panic when you are shopping for clothes. It just came over me the other day when Sofia and I browsed around a few stores together. The clothes look good but no, not for me anymore. Short skirts and dresses screams bad taste when you are over 30. Cheap cotton tops and v necks, no. Bikinis, ahhh, not sure. I surprised myself by buying a dress at Macy’s, didn’t think that would happen anytime soon. Sofia bought really cute volley ball spandex and said that I could borrow those if I wanted to. Really sweet but NO!

The party is over people. Well, not over but it’s not worth it. Not every week. I rather buy one really nice bottle of wine or calvados then 10. And I get really excited about beautiful vegetables and a nice piece of meat. And some nice organic berries. If I get to shop for food at a farmers market in France, even better.

The surprise of entertainment, been there done that. It takes more and more to make me impressed. Well, Sting, Bruce, a nice opera and a casino in Monaco works every time.

I don’t care if you say that James Bond is outdated and Daniel Craig is old. Or Pierce Brosnan. I still think he is a hunk and he still looks young me. The kids think that Tom Cruise is old. What? I don’t understand. Men look better the older they get. Especially if they are in good shape. 

Sleep. I used to love sleeping in. Late nights, late mornings. Last month I’ve been waking up around 5am after 4-5 hours of sleep. Let me tell you, it doesn’t work. I am constantly tired and napping/listening to news or pods in the afternoon. What’s going on, is this a permanent thing? I don’t like it.

The newspaper gets interesting. I have always enjoyed reading the paper but now I really bug the kids by discussing the topics out loud. The world is a crazy place. Is this really the world we want to leave behind?

The older you get the less you are concerned by your appearance. It doesn’t seem to matter that much anymore. Those lines around your eyes are a sign of a good life with lots of laughs, right.

The sunrise gets more beautiful every year. It’s true. Gorgeous. And talking to strangers. So many nice people walking their dogs in the morning enjoying the same sunrise.  

And some excellent advise I picked up the last 40 years or so…

If you can’t carry it, you probably don’t need it.

You’re the boss of your own circumstance, so make good choices.

When given the opportunity, wear a costume.

Give lots of hugs to everyone you care for.

When frustrating things happen, keep them in perspective. It can’t be that bad.

Try to learn the rules of football. Or maybe not. No, I really don’t care.

Get oil changes on time; check the tire pressure, take care of your car.

Whimsy is essential.

See the beauty everywhere.

Allow yourself to be moved.

And don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.

Choose your battles.