Random chitchat

Since it’s been a while since I posted something this will turn into a bit of a riffraff, random chitchat. And I know I can be a bit difficult to follow when I start, I hear that all the time from my close ones. So what happened since last time? Parents visiting, kids in school, spring break that felt too short as always, B in Scotland playing golf and not home yet. I’ve had a few weeks off from school work and feel very excited to teach Sunday again. We have had a few volleyball tournaments, a climbing competition in Seattle and a lot of practices all over the area. C took a short trip to Smith, Oregon again last week and sent me a picture with a short text saying “stood on top of this” that left me a bit worried and I expressed myself really well in response, “shit”. I am glad my kids are used to my way of communicating. But I’ve heard it’s good to give children opportunities to communicate in multiple ways.


And training… not going that well at the moment. I’ve lost it a bit again. I’ve managed to get in to a few CrossFit classes every week and have been running a little. Biking, swimming…neh, not enough. Took almost a week off when I went to San Diego and have been doing almost nothing when I had my parents here the last two weeks. I think it’s time to make a decision, maybe give up, give in, quit, or maybe start over and kick some ass. I don’t know. Ironman is getting closer and I am not getting any younger. And so many people ask me why the heck I am doing this so I am really starting to reconsider. And that is like failing.

It’s Friday! FRIDAY! Sunny and warm. And it feels great. Big plans for the night. Hanging out with my kids. I might move from one couch to another, or slowly glide down on the floor. Take out and a movie. I think it sounds perfect. And I am catching up a bit with friends, emails and texts. And checking in on a few blogs I’ve missed the past few weeks. A perfect Friday night. And I am honored that I actually get to have all three kids at home with me. The house needs a good cleaning, I need to do a lot of laundry, I should actually run and bike. I am way behind with everything. But, it’s a new day tomorrow.

My parents took off today. They have been here visiting for a while and next time we meet will be in Sweden I hope. The summer is getting closer.

I had the opportunity to speak at a Pecha Kucha event last night. It was a very nice evening with so many talented people from around Seattle. I am so honored that I got asked to do this and thanks to all of you that took part in different ways. If you ever get a chance to listen in on a Pecha Kucha event somewhere in the world, do so. I know I will.

I got a little surprised by the presentation they did of me before my speech. I got introduced as an exercise enthusiast. What a great thing to be. When I speak I am usually a teacher, principal, something that has to do with education or school administration or HR, a mother or something serious, but last night I got to speak about body/mind design from my perspective, that you can design your brain/mind when hiking/running/biking… and actually change your life. So much fun. Loved it.

I am still wearing the Band, the black little thing you can’t live without. An it’s actually true, I can’t live without it. It’s addicting. And so far so good, it’s working well. I track my runs, my biking and every once in a while my strength workouts. And, most important, I track my precious sleep. But I am not sure about the sleep tracking, I am confused, I am not sure if I should trust it. I don’t sleep very well, not enough, not deep enough, I wake up all the time and get a little stressed about it all. I know I don’t get enough sleep but to get it confirmed every morning breaks me down a little. And I don’t really know what to about it. I have tracked every night since I got it and I sleep between 4–6 hours every night and apparently I wake up 8-16 times in those hours. The bad part is that I can see how long I’ve been awake every time. I thought I was imagining this, thinking in the dark, trying to fall back to sleep. But it’s in black and white now, or actually more in light purple and pink. So, this is the only part that I don’t like with the Band, that it confirms my bad sleeping habits, it works too well. The sad thing is that I scratched it hauling around kettlebells over my head last week. And I would still like something nice golden on it, some bling. It doesn’t bother me that much anymore. It looks a bit odd when I dress up or wear something but workout clothes. In a way I miss using a nice watch to go with jewelry when dress up, so I stopped using jewelry. But who needs to look like a neat woman, I’ll go with the hardcore offender/matrix/prison look for a while.