Hi there

The Chinese president is here around Redmond today and the Pope is visiting Obama. I think Obama’s visitor is far more exciting than ours. Europe is overflowing with immigrants and it feels like our feed is overflowing with Trump. The European issue is so sad and difficult to solve. The Trump story is interesting, and hopefully very short. When it is election here I just want people to think and look around. And take a look around the rest of the world. EOM.

It’s been a while since last and I even got a few emails asking if I am ok since I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks. I’ve been out and about, turned 40 something, been to a few games, played a few rounds, biked and got a bit lost, hiked Si with broken toes, laughed and even cried a little. Caroline and I hiked Si on Ross’ Day and sat up there until we got really cold. Then we let go of two balloons that stayed together as long as we could see. Fall showed up over one night and turned the trees into beautiful colors. Mornings are cold and evenings sunny and warm. Life moves fast. School started and with that more work. High school volleyball season is in full swing and that makes us all a bit occupied. Our house is like the Bermuda triangle, if you bring something in it disappears. I feel like I’m bringing in 10 grocery bags full of food every day but it never seems to be enough. Bags, shoes, snacks, lunch bags, laundry, piles of clothes… School started with a bang. Three kids in high school. Three cars backing out every morning and three different teams practicing every night.

I’m not really up to speed after Alaska. I know it’s been a while and I should be fully recovered. I feel tired and worn out, I sleep more than I ever do but it never seems to be enough. And you think I would put two and two together. But no. I kind of regrouped and started to plan for the next race. New Zeeland in April. Started to mentally prepare for rapids and kayaks. The water would be warmer this time. Counted backwards, gave myself a few months to rest up and planned on getting back on track in October, that gave me three months to rest/rehab my shoulder. My plan didn’t even work for a month. I could run 12 miles feeling great one day but not even move 2 miles without walking the next. I really hurt my shoulder and have been trying to rest, rehab and train myself. I have been working on getting my strength and mobility back but it’s a dead end. I can’t lift a book over my head without getting my shoulder dislocated. I have seen a few different doctors with more or less the same result, and I really didn’t want to hear or understand. But it’s really not much to say when you have it black on white, an MRI showing a gorgeous skeleton, a bit beat up and not very functioning. Even I can see the broken parts. My shoulder needs to be stitched up, anchored in, screwed back together. I set a date and will try to prepare for a few months with my arm in a sling and about 6-8 months with a non-working shoulder. I am not looking forward to it but the other option is probably worse. Pain doesn’t do you any good. It eats you up after a while and makes you miserable. Add on a few broken toes on one foot and an infection in a wisdom tooth and life really slaps you in the face. It’s been a heck of a few weeks. And yes, I still have my wisdom teeth…I am really trying to hold on to my good body parts.

First week of fall

First week of school, first week of fall and first week of running in pouring rain. September. Cashmere season. Woolen socks. Boots. Down coats. And raincoats. Let the fun begin. We all feel exhausted and I am not the one going to school every day.

Number of nails on feet, approximately 8.

Number of possible broken toes, approximately 1,5. And I am not going to give you the satisfaction of telling you how it happened.

Number of shoulders that needs repair. One. Maintenance is easier than repair for sure.

Car serviced and as good as new.

Bike tuned and worked on. Lots of broken stuff, I blame Alaskan Airlines. It can’t be the way I bike or the way I taped the bike box. I used a lot of tape.

Mentally balanced, who am I kidding. Very unbalanced. Close to unstable. Neeh, just kidding. I am as always very focused and close to boring serious.

I had a MRI for my shoulder/collarbone/shoulder blade that I somewhat tortured during the Alaska race and the first advice I got from my doctor was to find another hobby. I had surgery on that same shoulder 5 years ago and I guess I tore it all again. I don’t understand, I thought tape could fix everything. I guess time will tell. I know I need the rush, and I need the emptiness, the fatigue after a race. He was actually very concerned and told me to really think about what I can do to stay sane and happy. I don’t get that from a golf game or walking a dog. I guess I need to buy a new grand piano or a horse. Or move closer to an amusement park. I read an article about what happens in your body when you ride roller coasters, ride horses or jump cliffs. I get it and now I know why I like rides like that. Adrenaline, endorphins and dopamine free flowing. If you ask my mother she would say that it all started with climbing a tree at the age of 7. I climbed to the top and could see the whole city from there.

I have a birthday coming up in a week and it’s no secret how old or young I turn. It’s kind of a midlife age, still pretty young, but almost falling over the edge. Tipping over to the other side… turkey neck, winkles, flabby arms… If I get carded when buying wine it’s just because the guy behind the counter is trying to be nice, not because I look like I am close to 21. But let me just clear this up a bit and tell you how great it is to get older. I might be a bit wrinkly and have flabby arms but it’s so much better than 28 or 39. I don’t get more grown up than this. And I have been waiting for the maturity to kick in but it doesn’t seem to happen.

This last year has been an interesting one. Lots of highs and lows. We will always remember the day our friend Ross died. It will be one whole year tomorrow. We will climb a mountain and sit at the top, make an espresso, have a snack, and remember the good times.

The most amazing this year was the Alaska Race with lots and lots of highs but also some lows. The raft flip still kind of haunts me a little. It’s definitely the first time in my life I thought it was all over. I swallowed a lot of water and thought of my teammates how it would give them a lot of problems. I should probably do some pack rafting to get over that low point and move on. I was planning on another great race in NZ in April but it looks like my plans will change because of the shoulder injury. No fun.

So, what changed since in a year. Not much. I am just a year older and one whole year wiser. I wear boots when it’s raining, not because it’s cool with Hunters, I just don’t like when my feet get wet. And I do love my old green Barbour that smells like a wet dog even if my kids hate it. I don’t avoid going to the doctor or have my checkups. I keep track of the necessary stuff and things that matters, yearly checkups, blood pressure, mammograms and the opening hours at the gym. I really try to feed my kids well and keep them healthy. I don’t know about the part of raising them… still just winging it.