Plenty of celebrations

Hi all,

It’s time for a kid appreciation post. It’s been a while and the pandemic changed our ways, our hopes, our dreams, and the way we interact with people. Our kids have been busy and have kept their plans during close downs and online work and school. As I told you before, around where we live everything closed. All schools, even elementary, turned to online teaching. Libraries closed, stores, restaurants, all activities for kids and adults and everything you can imagine. And it is still not back to normal, and I don’t think it ever will. It’s been difficult to travel and it’s still not very pleasant to travel from this part of the world to the other side. We still need tests and flights get canceled more than ever.

Yesterday we went to our last graduation for a while. S finished her Bachelor of Arts at University of Washington. She sped through it and finished a year yearly. English Honors and International Studies. She has been in close relationship with Virginia Woolf and Joan Didion and tried to solve the refugee crisis at the same time. There have been a lot of pages written, lots of research done and I am sure it will continue. She is headed to London over the summer.

C finished a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at Uppsala University a few months ago. She has been traveling back and forth and spent more time on this side of the world than she planned. She has a nice mix of linguistics, phonetics, French, Icelandic, and Arabic on her resume. I tried to read her final thesis and I had a hard time finishing it. She is digging deep into the roots of sounds. She is back in the PNW and back to work.

J finished her Bachelor of Arts at University of Washington before the pandemic started. She decided to use the lock down and finished a new Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and worked full time during school and she just celebrated 1 year at work, a startup in Seattle.

They have been busy.

And what did I do during the pandemic? Walked the dogs in the forest and grew tomatoes.