Thank you

It’s not really a secret that I happen to go to the gym more or less every day. I usually pack my bag the night before and take off after I’ve dropped off the kids at different schools. If I have to work or do something else I usually try to get in at 5am, before I get the kids up. If I have company I rather run outside in the dark, it’s a great way to start your day. Watch the sun wake up and hear birds and rabbits move in the dark when you pass on the trail and every once in a while you get to greet a deer or a coyote. Extraordinary!

I am pretty good at planning my days around running and classes at the gym. If I don’t have time to run/bike/take a class/swim it is a very bad and not very happy day. When things get routine you tend to forget important things, you don’t notice what is happening around you and you take things for granted. I will try to get better at thanking people around me that makes my day easier and happier. 

The lifeguards at the pool. Always watching out for you, always with a smile, always a nice word. I love the way they talk to the kids around them.

The front desk people, always nice and smiling. And always a nice word.

The ladies in the locker room. I am amazed, the locker room is a never ending story. I am amazed how people can just drop their towels and seriously mess things up. There are people there all the time, they never get a break. And you never see them stand still, they constantly move, clean, help…

There is a very nice guy that always vacuums the stairs that leads from the pool and up two floors. I don’t know how many times he has told me to have a wonderful day. He makes my day every time. He is one in a million.

And of course everybody else… Thank you.

Something totally different. Two days in a row, I laughed so hard that I started to cry. Really laughed and really cried. Isn’t it great to laugh, it makes the rest of the day so much brighter. The funny thing is when you try to describe why you laugh it sounds really lame. And as soon as you do something your kids are there with their phones. So, from me to you… this is how Caroline and I look when we kind of laugh/cry when having lunch.

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