Random thoughts…

…on Friday in October, Cinnamon Bun Day. Yes, the cinnamon bun has its own day in Sweden. October 4th! Same day as national vodka day and teacher day. I’ll skip the vodka but will drink to all other teachers later tonight.

How many cinnamon buns per day will be too many? A day like this doesn’t count but on a regular day? At least 2. Förmiddagskaffe and eftermiddagskaffe.

Overheard two people beside the barbequed chicken at Safeway earlier today. “I’m not fat, not by South Carolina standards. I’m just fat here in Washington. When I go home to my parents I look very thin and bony. It’s pretty much the only reason I visit my parents.” Yeah, right. By European standards I am enormous at the moment. Maybe it’s because of the cinnamon buns? And yes I was eavesdropping, it was the funniest conversation I’ve heard in a long time.

Sun is shining but it’s really cold. I finally get to wear a hat when I run! I went to the gym the other day to swim. When I walked into the shower area I saw a woman spend a lot of time getting her hair done. It was hairdryer, straightener and multiple bottles involved. I showered and got dressed and then when I walked out to get my car I saw her run outside. I think I have something to learn here. Getting ready before a run. That’s probably my ugliest moment. I really recommend a hat! Saves you about an hour or two a day! If it gets really cold you can keep the hat on all day.

I wrote about running the other day. Yeah, I know, every day. But I was talking about when you can call yourself a runner. I know now… When you have more laundry than you can take care of. I usually have loads that are mine every day and now… almost nothing. Bad sign.

I ran to my favorite hill today and found big signs that my little hill was closed. A lot of trees were gone and there were some kind of green stuff on the ground. I wonder what’s happening to my perfect hill. I don’t like when things change. But it’s probably good that something is happening. I’ve met a lot of strange people there lately, one guy that likes to show off his… violin and a homeless guy that I’ve given my granolabars and powerberries on longruns. They are both gone now. But there were a few guys with hardhats there today calling me little lady and telling me that the area was closed when I tried to sneak by.  Little lady?? I had my coolest sunglases on! Little lady!

We have an other home game tonight. We don’t have to worry about what to do 2-3 nights per week. Our social life is shrinking to the minimum.

From me to you, tight pants w Jimmy F

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