The past, the present and the future

This is not going to be a post about my political beliefs. I am trying really hard to hide that when I post on this page. I used to be hot tempered. I felt a fire for right or wrong, what I thought was right or wrong. I still have that fire but I choose my battles. I wanted to change everything around me that I didn’t like, not just in my community but I really thought I could change the world.

Politics has been a really big part of our family. I remembered when I was a kid everyone always gathered around the evening news, it was always important to stay current. It was important to know what happened around us and the rest of the world. We always had discussions at home and at my grandparents’. My grandfather was a great man and a great politician, one of the good ones.

I remembered walking out of several lectures my first years of university, angry, my heart beating too fast. I wrote articles, I tried to make people understand that it was very important that teachers did not try to push their opinions and views and not allow students to think and form their own opinions. During my first round of university studies I took a master in human resources and that included a lot of sociology and economic history. Sociology can be very political. And I suffered through it. I heard myself every single day tell the teachers that I didn’t want their opinion, I wanted facts. Some of them wanted to take a step back in history and praised old Sweden. But I saw good things in the future and in change. I finished with a semester in Belgium and that was really different from Uppsala and that gave me a chance to see a new part of the world. It was the time when the European Union just formed and Europe saw big changes. It feels like a really long time ago.

I went back to school almost 10 years later for another master and realized that part of the world had stayed the same but I had not. Both interesting and disappointing.  I had three kids by then and the world kept moving outside my bubble. And it felt even more important to keep up with everything around us, I had brought life to this changing world.

I still believe it is very important to stay updated. And I believe that our kids should take part of everything happening around us, they are old enough to have their own opinions. We are passing on this world to them. I know my kids get kind of tired of my lectures. The past, the present and the future goes together, hand in hand. We can learn a lot about the future from our history. If I get started about 2nd WW or something else interesting they listen for a while before they roll their eyes and tell me to be quiet. It is so important to know your history and the school here doesn’t even cover 10% of everything. It is very focused on this part of the world and tend to think that US is the center of the world. I love this country, we really like living here but there are a lot of things happening outside this world. And here I am listening to the news every morning and feel unsatisfied. I always turn off the TV feeling that I am being tricked. Show me the rest!! We watch the news, we read newspapers… but it feels like I don’t get enough. I really care what is happening to everyone in Redmond, Everett and Tacoma but I care just as much about Syria, Japan and France. Show me the rest of the world!! I think it is important to hear about the rain and mudslides in Carnation but I still want to hear about the flooding in the Philippines.

I really hope that you do follow the news outside your country, regardless where you live.

Two different topics, both equally important.

The environment:


Women driving in Saudi Arabia:

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