Yesterday, today and tomorrow is all about time management. How to fit everything in that I am supposed to do. Kids need to be on different locations, in different towns and with different equipment. And I need to figure out how to be on three different places at the same time. Brjann is in Australia this week. He had a bad trip over with lot of cancelations and bad weather but he finally got there and his bags too from what I’ve heard. That’s a bonus. Clean underwear is always nice.

I need to answer emails, work a little bit and I need to get my car serviced. It has a weird rubbery smell from the breaks and it makes noises. But I figured I could just use Brjann’s car since he is gone. That will save me some time. Our house could really use some love and care. My parents are flying over from Europe tomorrow and it would be nice if they would find their way up to the guestroom without having to step around clothes and random stuff. I got the trainer out from the guestroom, all bikes are back in the garage, I folded up the treadmill, cleaned the room and made the bed so I am halfway there.

It is book club tonight. I love it! I should go to the store, clean the house, chill wine and prepare for all those fabulous ladies coming over after dark. I figure if I dim the lights it will be all good. But I have a plan, ladies. Salmon, tiny boiled potatoes, lemon and dill cream sauce, salad, quinoa, cheese, fruit salad and ice cream. And some cappuccinos and chocolates after dinner. Can’t go wrong, I just need to pick up the groceries.

So instead of actually doing something that I should I am sitting here by the oven. I baked bread, had a cup of coffee, a cinnamon bun and I thought about life for a while. It’s all about choices. The girls and I ate dinner last night and talked a lot about choices. The two high school kids in the family had to figure out what classes to sign up for. Next school year is coming fast. And what can I say? Always make smart choices? It’s always good to be a step ahead and choose wisely? But is it fun? So my advice was to try and find something fun and try not worry. And so what if you get a B. There are so many things we need to do in life, so many steps we need to go through. The kids need to start thinking of college when they start high school, and they take high school classes in middle school. They get burned out before they even started. Is this actually the way we want our kids to grow up? I still think they should have recess twice a day, no homework, lots of group projects and art every day. Even if they are in high school. They should have lots of time to hang with their friends, time to walk to Starbucks for a hot chocolate and not drive by. They should watch too many movies, bounce a ball a thousand times against a wall, listen to music loud. They should have more time.

Middle school volleyball season started last week and we are fortuned to have our youngest little walnut in varsity this year. And I am sure it will be a great season with both ups and downs. This is the highlight of the year. Our older kids look back with smiles on their faces. I think one of the most important things you can give to your kids is a village. A village of people that lift you up, environments that makes you feel safe and activities that strengthen you in mind and body. When you move to a new country you leave your village and you have to slowly build a new. We have truly found a big part of our village in middle school volleyball. The coaches that are also teachers/counselors are spreading fairy dust over the gym every day, bringing breakfast to morning practices before school, being there for the kids, talking to parents and just being great. The greatest.

Stay curious and have an open mind. When you know better, do better.

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