Type A or B… or just plain crazy?

No, I’m not talking about my blood type. My blood type is not interesting in this country since I am European and received blood transfusions years ago so I am not allowed to donate blood in WA. Why? We all know all Europeans have mad cow disease, that’s why. No, I am talking personality types. This is what I can remember from my sociology studies 20 something years ago when I was all into HR and headhunting. I went through a lot of tests back then, as an employer and an employee.

Type A: Rigidly organized, sensitive, impatient, concerned with time management, workaholic, hate delays and ambivalence…

Type B: Creative minds, doesn’t matter if they win or lose, enjoy achievement, reflective, enjoys to explore ideas.

I’ve never thought of myself as a Type A or B person but came through an article the other day that made me think. I’ve been laughing a bit about obsessive people that stresses about everything, I am generally pretty messy, leave stuff around, wait until the last minute. Well, that’s how I see myself. Cool, laid back and spontaneous. Right? A delight to be round.

When I read the article it actually felt like I read about myself. And I googled around a bit to read more. How is it even possible to think you are an easy going, unstressed type B and realizing you are a 100% type A. I obviously see myself totally different than the rest of the world experiences me. And I am sorry that you’ll have to be around me. I am really impatient and high-stressed. Chitchat and small talk can be ok but 100 texts or an email works so much better and more efficient. And I’ve always heard from my parents that I’m creative and fun… Now I know that parents should tell the truth.

So, here you have it. The facts that really shows that I am not a cool, laid back type B:

I hate wasting time. Waiting for people that are late to an appointment, waiting at the doctor, dentist etc., is a big waste of time. And I don’t even like when friends keep me waiting. If we say 11, be there at 11. If class starts at 5.30, be there 5.29 not 5.35. I hate being late.

I don’t like waiting in line. But if I really want my coffee, I’ll wait.

I have a hard time falling asleep. Not every day, not on long run days. And Fridays, I more or less pass out after a long week. Usually in front of a movie. I have seen the first 10 minutes of every single movie out there.

Low tolerance for incompetence, very low. Yes!

Overachiever. Well, I don’t know. Maybe if it is something I care about. And if it is something I know I can win, I need to win.

I constantly talk over people or interrupt. Ouch, I am sorry, but I do. And I am a lot worse in Swedish than in English. If you speak too slow I will finish the sentence for you.

Have a hard time to relax. I don’t really know about that. I can be super chill… if I know that everything is planned and kids are doing fine. If I have my list…

I am lost without my to-do lists. Yes, packing lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, calendar, planner, writing notes to myself and leave by the bed or in the car…

Always in a rush. Yes, you don’t want to waste time. And I always set my alarm 10 minutes early just in case. I even plan my 10 minutes of snoozing.

Sensitive to stress, eh… not really. Or maybe… If you leave me alone, I’ll be fine.

And if I ask what you want for dinner, if you want red or white, etc… give me an answer, don’t say I’ll have what you’re having.

This can’t be right. Since this felt kind of depressing, I decided to take a personality test online. I actually did it twice to make sure I didn’t lie the first time. Conclusion – I am awesome (and 100% type A).

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