Dinner and a movie

Home with 2 out of 3 kids and I just realized how different my kids are. But also the same. Eating pizza, not the most perfect mom tonight. But to my defense, it doesn’t happen very often. And it’s scary how much alike we all are. It’s a lot of belly laughing and dancing. And I made an awesome dinner yesterday.


Three girls, almost the same age, but so different. When I am home alone with C, we bake, make homemade bars and drink a lot of tea. We talk about hikes and mountains. And we watch Game of Thrones, Marco Polo and British comedies. We lift weights. We go for a run or a walk. Bring a thermos and a snack. So much like me.

Today I am at home with S and J. They just got back from high school try outs. They have ice wrapped up around their hip areas and a wrist and a thumb is taped. They can’t live without the athletic trainer. They are complaining about hurting body parts and they are trying to give me the short version of practice. We listen to weird music and hang out. We decide to eat and watch a movie. This is a totally different deal. We are talking SNL, The Office and Jimmy Fallon. We are going through all Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Dreamy movies. So much like me.

So different but so much alike. A scary mix of all the things I like, mixed up with some new stuff. The loveliest. And dang they are tall.

We ended up watching The American President. Again. And I am loosing another toenail. Will this race ever stop.

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