Cheesecake obsession

The battle of the cheesecake. 4 days, 7 pieces of cheesecake. I made a cheesecake for a dessert Saturday night. All 8 of us ate big pieces from it but I still have a large piece left in the fridge. Evil cake that does not want to disappear.

I am not really a cheesecake fan. It’s very dense cake, noting sophisticated about it. It’s not very pretty either, not like a nice princess or a strawberry cake. It’s not every day you change your mind about important things in life. Well, 7 pieces in 4 days must mean that my mind is all jumbled and confused. And I just want the cake to disappear, vanish since I obviously can’t stay away from it. And it gets better every day…


350g McVitie’s Digestives

175g butter


650g Philadelphia

3 dl crème fraiche

1 dl sugar

3 tsk vanillasugar

3 eggs

1 dl heavy whipping cream

200g nice melted white chocolate

Sprinkle 1-2 dl frozen wild blueberries on top

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