The fleshy part of the ribs

It doesn’t look better than flu season is here, very early this year. One kid after another have spent a few days in bed (or in front of the TV) with a sore throat and with a wheezing sound in their chest. They have complained a lot about body aches and back pain. And it looks like number 3 will be at home tomorrow after an evening of sneezing and coughing. I usually try to sneak out and get some fresh air and shake the bacteria’s out from my body. I haven’t been out much in the past two weeks. My tailbone gets angry when I run so I have been spending more time in the pool.

I am terrified that I will get the bug. I can’t stand being sick, I get mancolds. Let me tell you, sneezing and coughing when you have a broken tail is not very comfortable. I have done a lot the past few days to try scare those little bugs away. Extra vitamins, less coffee and more tea, Zink, Magnesium, lots of food, alcohol (can’t hurt and makes sitting less painful), sleep, Echinacea capsules (looks very strange, not sure they are legal), strength training and music. I’ve been listening to Royals at least a 100 times, very loud. Brilliant!

I even bought tea that are supposed to heal and comfort sore throats. It smells like rabbit pee and tastes like something that comes from under the lawn mower. Or maybe like a really weird scented candle. Very earthy, green, herby and organic. Disgusting. Nothing I will keep up with. My car smells like cinnamon and freshly cut grass. And old workout clothes and kneepads as usual. And when I woke up today my body was aching, my shoulders felt stiff and my hamstrings have been bad for weeks and they were still there screaming when I walked down the stairs. The worst spot is the part in between my ribs that hurts, really, really bad, whatever that part can be called, the fleshy part of the ribs. I went to the pool and suffered 45 minutes with very sore arms and shoulders. I thought if I will get sick I might as well get a good workout in before it happens. I started out the day feeling really sorry for myself, thought the flu bug had landed. But no, it’s called TRX. I took a class yesterday and I took it really easy since I have broken body parts. I rolled around like a snake on the mat trying to get my feet in the holes without sitting on my very sore butt. Not pretty! I really admire those ladies at the club that roll around gracefully and walk out an hour later without breaking a sweat and make up still on the right places. Well, not really admire but I really wonder how they do it.  Sometimes their lips are red and glittery too. If I happen to wear make up I usually look like a panda after 5 minutes. I wonder how bad my fleshy part of my ribs would have felt if I didn’t take it easy. I’ll just have to try again tomorrow. Meanwhile I better drink some more rabbit pee just in case and listen to another song.

And let’s try this one to scare the bug away.

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