It’s been a while since I actually wrote something. My time shrinks from hours to minutes to moments, and those short moments pass by so fast. You know, I actually do stuff. Other things than running. But wouldn’t it be awesome to be a full time runner. Running trails out in the wilderness, with no concern about time and day. Some people seem to think that this is my life, running trails and sidewalks on the eastside of Seattle. I only share some tidbits of the rest of my life, a few glimpses. I keep the rest to myself. I have a family that is awesome. Three teenaged daughters, a husband and a part time job as a principal and teacher. Before we moved here I identified myself as a full time teacher, assistant principal, and college teacher and of course mom. I really have to think twice before I label myself now. I am a European living in the US, feeling more and more at home but missing my family every day. Kind of an identity crisis but in a good way. A world member. Kind of cool actually. It is good to see yourself in a different perspective, learn new things and meet new people. And of course I have my bad days and good days, as all of us. I ran with a friend (thank you Monica) this morning. A nice 45 minutes run along the Sammamish river trail, damp weather but beautiful colors. Actually gorgeous colors and perfect fall weather. We talked about life and how different you see things. Our common understanding was that if you live with an attitude that positive things happen, that everyone actually wants well and that people are basically good, it will make your life better. Life is good. And it’s your responsibility to make it a good one. Your responsibility. You are in charge of our own life. Easy! Make it a good one.

I ran today and yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that too. When I think about it, I’ve been running every day this week. I’ve been trying to find the happy running moment, you know that feeling… Yeah I love running, it’s king of the world kind of feeling. It’s gone. But I know it’s usually around the corner and one day I’ll find it again, probably sitting on a rock looking up trying to see the blue sky in the forest or taking a break on the docks looking out over Lake Sammamish. After the tailbone break and a huge cold I kind of lost my ability to think positive thoughts. My body feels heavy and old, my steps are far from light. But life still has its interesting parts. I had a really fun moment Monday. I ran to the gym, took a class, ran to the other gym and swam. That took me 3-4 hours and after getting my kind of sweaty clothes on again I ran back home. On the way home I must have had my mouth open singing, talking to myself or maybe just exhausted from the long morning so an insect flew into my mouth and I swallowed it. The poor fly, bee, wasp… was buzzing and moved around and I could actually feel a sting. I panicked, mostly in my head. I swallowed a freaking bee and it stung me. Am I going to puff up from the inside? I started to count minutes and miles in my head. 4 miles back home, EpiPen in the kitchen drawer, I really have to step on it. But I realized that if I am going to swell up I might just eat something first, feed the bee kind of. I realized that I would never make it home if I would puff up. So I looked through my pack and found a ziplock with raisins and cashews and a few pieces of Dextrosol (Swedish sugar, very yummy). I ate it all and started coughing, jumping around and talked a little to the bee. It must have worked really well, I didn’t puff up. I made it home but it felt like I could feel the little bee the rest of the day. That was an easy way to get the post run protein without even chewing.

I decided to try to be safer so I ran at the club, on a treadmill the day after. And I had to do some speed-intervals. The night before I even found an interval workout that was supposed to simulate a trail run so I thought I’d give it a try. Wow, how do you do it indoor peeps? I did it but I can’t say that I felt happier after. The only fun part with indoor running would be the people watching. It is interesting. And I met a few friends and that’s always nice. And the sauna, probably the best part of the indoor run.

Getting closer to the sky tomorrow, running a mountain. Need to change batteries is my headlight… it supposed to be dark and foggy tomorrow morning.

Until next time.

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