So I thought is was going to be a little short thing way back in PROPULS and I ended up on the cover. Au naturel. Interesting. And apparently I am world’s toughest racer?? Oh, now I have a lot to live up to.

I must say that the Pro Club is filled with nice people. Lots of high fives and nice words from strangers. Thank you!


But, life goes on. Still lots of back pain and not sure it’s because of my broken tailbone or if I am getting old. 10 visits at the chiropractor the past two weeks, a few visits at the Physical Therapist, massage and lots of hours in the whirlpool and sauna. Surrounded by great people. But got tired of the whole thing and decided to cure myself. 60 minutes VersaClimber didn’t make it worse but I bet the hour playing racquet ball did. And I realized that I don’t even know how to play. Now we’ve got something to work on until volleyball club season starts in a few weeks.

Moule mariniere with a view on the wish list today. It is really hard to say no when the kids ask for a thing like that. Sounds like lunch in the city.

IMG_5414       IMG_5372

2 thoughts on “ProPulse

  1. stephanie

    Hi Charlotte, What a great article about you in the ProPulse. Your au natural face is beautiful on the cover. Congrats on your race! I can empathize with the aches and pains, I hurt my neck working out in Oct. GRRRR! Hope to be back in classes soon.

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