Comfortable, 50 people, 1 question

I try to keep updated with media, newspapers, TV, books, blogs, radio, music in both Sweden and here in the US. It was easy the first years abroad. I checked the news every morning in both countries and around the world and felt pretty much up to date with most events. The years passed and new people started showing up in Swedish media and I felt kind of lost when I read the newspapers online. New faces, new names, new politicians, and new artists. And now a new prime minister. (Not very impressed.) Even the news anchors are new and very young. I still read Swedish newspapers but not every day. I watch one or two tv shows/year and I listen to Swedish music. But we stopped watching Eurovision 5-6 years ago. When I visit I get a big dose of all the Swedishness, I stock up on books and feel pretty happy for a while. But one thing I do is reading blogs. I follow some Swedish blogs about politics, food, marathons and ultrarunning, swimrun, multisport and over all training. I follow a handful school and teaching blogs too but that’s a totally different story (Sweden/USA, talk about different worlds). It’s interesting to read about what and how people think. How the world turns and not turns… I follow some bloggers that I have met, some that I are friends with, a few race directors and a few really amazing people. And I am very impressed how much time and thought a lot of bloggers spend writing and thinking. Amazing, and cheers to all of you. I think it’s refreshing that people want to share their lifes and stories. The only thing I don’t like in the blog world is the obsession about superfoods and diets.

What the heck is going on in your pantries people? I am the only one sick of chia seeds and goji berries? Yes, I do eat chia seeds, goji berries, nuts, ancient grains, blueberries, broccoli, greek yoghurt, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados etc. All the superfoods that people overdose and turn everything inside out. I read blogposts about chia pudding and porridge every single day and I am dead tired of it. We eat fish, meat, wheat, vegetables, quinoa… everything you can imagine. And I drink wine and sometimes a calvados after dinner. And I do love a margarita with salt. How long will this crazy phase of overdosing superfoods last, how long will you all have the time? And why? If you can enjoy a nice piece of bread, please do. And put some butter and cheese on it. I do. Why not? But don’t over do it. All you Swedish women in your late 30s and 40s, relax. A 100% chia, goji, almond milk and tofu diet will not make you happier. You all sound more stressed than ever. Chocolate mousse with avocado instead of whipped cream and butter is good but not super. And every once in a while you want the great stuff. Meat is great, not every day and not a pound at the time. Everything in moderation.

I have three beautiful daughters, young adults. I am always concerned, I am always happy around them, I am always curious, I am always proud… BUT I am always a little bit worried. As a mom to young women you want them to have and build a good relationship to food, training and their bodies. You want your kids to be happy, confident and curious. I don’t want them to pick up all the craziness around us. Please people, stop sprinkle your non real ice cream with chia seeds and pretend it tastes like chocolate. Maybe have a little bit of both? And dream and wish for a set of wings.

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