New month and shorter showers

This must be the perfect day to complain, feel sorry for myself and start over and get that darned try hard feeling back in my body and mind. Try hard! You want to be that person that goes all in. I think I’ve sank as low as I can and am working my way back up. I felt my tears behind my blinking eyes today, feeling overwhelmed and extremely tired but in a weird way excited at the same time. I lost my mojo and I think it’s time to take it back. I am of course the same person yesterday, today and tomorrow, a big bundle of joy. Drinking too much expensive, fancy European fizzy water, overusing Spotify, eating too much and too well but I will for sure take shorter showers, bike more and laugh every time I wear my swim goggles. That’s my plan. And I will stop drinking coffee after 9pm since I really enjoy sleeping.

I’ve been cheating. And it’s not like me. I have this perfect program set up for me that basically is set to make me successful and race ready. The January program gave me everything I could wish for and a little bit more. Did I do it all, the bike rides, the run intervals, the swims? No. Somehow I misread the handwritten piece of paper and added on a few runs, subtracted a lot of swims and bike rides and added on a lot of CrossFit classes. A lot. A big math fail. I taped up the program in the laundry room, on the way out to the garage. I passed it 10 times per day. I checked it every day but somehow 1400m swims became deadlifts and rows, 20 miles bike rides became slow 2 hour runs in the rain and long slow hikes in the mountains. I even stopped and took awesome pictures on my runs and hikes, that’s low. My biceps looks pretty decent but my endurance sucks. I learned how to climb ropes all the way up to the ceiling but I forgot how to climb a mountain on my bike. I reached my low point the other day when I had to walk the last part of my regular hill. When I reached the top I met a coyote that eyeballed me and wanted to race. I talked to him, tried to scare him off, ran fast but stopped after a while and told him that I don’t care. I even explained to him that I cheated on my intervals the past months so he could run as fast as he wanted, I couldn’t care less. He lost interest and I walked back.

I started out the year sick, I had a cold that decided to take over my system and suck out the last of my positive attitude and my swimming ability. It can’t be good to rinse your sinuses with pool water filled with bacteria’s when you can breathe mountain air. January is almost over and my penicillin jar is finally empty. And the bottom line, it is so much easier to take a class or 10 or 15 than to go to the pool. Why? I don’t know. Is it the chlorine? The first cold 10 seconds that makes your heart skip a beat and almost stop? The breathless exhaustion after a few laps? The inconvenience of using a hairdryer after swimming? The annoying feeling when you have to share a lane? I tried, I did. I tried really hard. I went to the pool a few times. I even swam a few laps. But somehow I always found someone to talk to or a good reason to sit in the hot tub.

It’s almost a new month. A new month means a new training program. 28 new, fresh days of swimming, biking and running. And a few rare days of CrossFit. Fresh days, new days, new opportunities. With this new month comes a new way of living. After swimming today I realized that it’s time for “Gundeshowers” again. I am back to the months before ÖtillÖ when I ran around Redmond wearing a wetsuit as everyday attire and taking showers 2-3 times per day. You shower before and after swimming, after running, after biking and sometimes just because you need to take a shower. You waste a lot of time in the shower. Gunde Svan timed his showers. 28 seconds. That’s how long it takes to rinse and shake. You don’t even have time to start heating up. And forget about using both shampoo and conditioner. Choices, life is all about choices.

So, it’s time to start planning life around swim/bike/run sessions, around showers, flat tires, lunch breaks and snacks, hardboiled eggs and cashews, selleri sticks and nutbutter. It’s time to make better choices. And take shorter showers.

And if you wake up early May 23rd and feel like a long bike ride please give me a call. I have a 112 miles ride that day and would probably love some company. The hot tub days are over and forget about chatting in the locker room, a warm latte with a friend or god forbid a long lunch date at the club.

2 thoughts on “New month and shorter showers

  1. Anna

    Varför ska du lägga dyrbar livstid på tråkig träning när du älskar crossfit? Sälj startplatsen och gör det som får dig att känna dig så där cool och stenhård som du är! Jag hejar på dig! Kram

  2. Fast det stämmer inte heller. Man gillar ju det man är bra på och är väl lite rädd för att göra sånt som är nytt. Jag ser egentligen fram emot hela våren men känner mig lite ringrostig. Det kommer Anna. Crossfit är ballt men det sliter. Och vem vill bli världens starkaste kvinna?

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