Caroline 16

One of the best things that I have ever accomplished happened 16 years ago. Early morning, 30 minutes after ringing the doorbell at the hospital a little energetic girl was born. I had instructions to call the cardiologist on call but he didn’t make it on time. I remember telling them that I thought it would be a very good idea if they could hurry up and get me signed in. We didn’t even get in to a room. After endless complications the months before it was such a relief to see her and hold her. A few days early and very eager to see the world, just big enough and very cute. We went home 6 hours later and introduced Caroline to her big sister.

16 years feels like a very long time but at the same time just like a short moment, a blink. From the first years of princess dresses, curly hair and always a chocolate mustache to the lego and lizzard era. Around 4 she decided to become a full time pirate and dress in black, camouflage and sculls. It lasted a few years before she eased up a bit on the colors and the occasional eyepatch. She also had Ralph Lauren year when she only wore polo shirts in different colors every day, 14 different shades. The last 7-8 years has been a climbing phase that is here to stay. Or that is what I think. So is the short hair. She is such a strong and confident young woman.

We have spent a lot of time together, especially this past year. I am so fortunate to have all three kids very close and they don’t seem to mind having me around. We have a pump up thing going every afternoon in the car. A 10-15 minute drive to climbing practice, a couple of songs that we like and gladly sing out load to. Here is one. And what really happened at the schoolyard?

Happy Birthday Grattis på födelsedagen Caroline

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