The day passed and I haven’t done much according to the manual today. I didn’t get out of bed until late. Why? I forced myself to lay low and wait for the right moment. Staying in bed after 7.30 feels like someone punched you very hard in the face. Not pleasant. The kids had a day off school and I thought it was a good opportunity to do nothing. I dragged myself to the gym around 9 and didn’t do much right there either. I don’t fly very high at the moment, more dragging my feet and mourning that I can’t run as much as I would like. It will pass… But I actually got stuff done after lunch and managed to get a speedy gear in. Laundry, lunch with kiddos, vacuuming, some actual work and dinner, dessert and got some baking done. Doing great on the housewife stuff for a change. Rolled chocolate/oat/coconut balls, baked cookies, made pasta with chicken and veggies, a rhubarb crumble and danced a little at the same time and got called out for some pics. I have one talented daughter that loves taking pictures.


The kids and I went to the movies last night and we finally got to watch Avengers. Let me just say that some of us felt pretty excited. And I apparently laugh too much, embarrassing. And I finished all the popcorn before the movie. I don’t know if it was the movie itself or the pretty faces that was most appreciated. One of us actually brought Thor’s hammer to the movies. It’s always a treat to spend a night with all three girls. They are all the loveliest kids, growing up, taller than me, smart and bright, with a great future ahead. Three girls and three very different faces and personalities.


I am all into dreams/goals at the moment. I guess I’ve always been. You know that it’s basically the same thing, why dream if it’s not a goal? I was thinking about getting a new, faster and smaller car but no… why not spend the money on something absolutely fantastic? My dream race popped up around the corner and I actually have an opportunity to join. And all I want for Christmas is a sea kayak and a pack raft. All those thoughts of ability, toughness, craziness and fitness level are bubbling round in my mind. It’s now or never. Can I function without sleep for days? Will I freak out? Fears and dreams are basically the same thing when you think about it. And can I heal my knee in a few weeks? And when I ask the coach and other important and very great people the only answer I hear is YES! Super exciting, adventurous, lots of surprises and very scary. Like one of those illegal and scary Kinder eggs.


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