Two functioning arms

It feels like it’s been close to a whole rotation of Earth since my last post. Where in the holy cheeseballs does time go? It’s the last few days of playing the air guitar and practicing my touchdown moves. A few more days to go before a night of starvation, a few hours on the table and months of endless rehab. I have to admit I am not looking forward to this one. The nurse called today and asked if I felt ready, they must have sensed that I really don’t want to do this and that I might even plan to run away before Tuesday. FullSizeRender

They asked the usual questions… any crazy diseases, sleep apnea or any other bad habits. It really cracks me up every time they ask about tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs. Recreational drugs? This is the only place on earth where recreational drugs apparently are ok. The rest of the world understands that it is dangerous. You better count your brain cells people. Make sure you get your vitamin D, wear a seatbelt and drink your milk people, and then smoke some weed on your time off.

I am making lists, trying to figure out what I need to do and take care of as long as I have two functioning arms. Find a sub for school, work a little bit, prep lessons (have a new class of intense 6 year olds  again), iron, clean the house, mow the lawn one more time, prep dinners, bake… and the thing I do is going to the gym and now I am sitting here drinking coffee and eating. I baked and I am doing my best to finish a lot of it. When this is done and over with I will have to enlist a personal shamer, ahh I mean trainer, a personal coach to get life back on track or mostly to find me a new hobby and to teach me how to enjoy a slower life with long walks and light weights. Find some other type of racing that not includes shoulder dislocations and infections. Hey, slow walks and lifting light, it sounds like a Costco run…and there is nothing I dislike more. Hey, it’s basically the same price tag as Adventure Racing. You walk through the door and you owe 400.


Went through old programs and found this. Apparently I’ve worked out with only arm before.

The reality, people, is that life kind of sucks. Not just a little bit, real hard. Like, “hey, I heard 2012 was pretty nice for you so let’s throw in some sickness, pains and injuries in 2015 to make up for those fantastic and glorious days. And my mind is constantly with parts of the fantasticfighterfam in Sweden. I will even include a cheesy song for my sister at the end of this post.

I’ve got some interesting advice from a lot different people the past weeks and the sooner I can figure out how to accept unwanted advice gracefully the better. I know that you should always take every piece of advice anyone ever gives you with a grain of salt. But hearing that I should do nothing (or at most stretch a little bit) for 6 months or so is ridiculous. That’s just an insult. I have a theory that with rest comes movement. The body needs to heal up but it also needs to stay in movement, that’s what I am used to. You just have to make sure you move the right body parts. I am looking forward to some bike and versa time.

The kids have been home sick from school the past week and I tried to outsmart the bacteria but I finally lost the battle too. We hope this week will give us new strength and lots of oxygen in our lungs. We had a good weekend. A little schoolwork and then an Alaska reunion in Seattle. Team Boom Boom Pow decided to fly to Seattle for the game and we met up for drinks and some crab legs. It was a night filled with comparing injuries, remembering places and moments and talking about future races. It was a lot of “you had to be there” stories and it felt really good to share it with fellow racers. Good to know I am not the only one that spent endless, sleepless nights tossing and turning and re-living the glacier walk. So good to hug the ladies that smelled like roses this time. Hope we meet again soon.

3 thoughts on “Two functioning arms

  1. Randi

    I enjoy your Blogs Lotten and look forward to the next one when you will be healing nicely and proving to the Doctors that Vikings can heal in much less than 6 months.. I hope the surgery goes well this week .. Skickar en stor kram och jag onskar dig val 🙂 Randi

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