Shoulder surgery

Take your time reading this because it took me forever to write this with my left hand. Life is dandy. Five days after surgery and I am up. I am not going to bother you with a lot of details but it was all you could wish for. A nice comfy table, bright lights and sharp knives. The only thing that really worries me every time is the oxygen mask and the intubation, I know it’s kind of childish. I don’t like when people are holding stuff over my mouth. Last thing I remember is that I refused to get the mask fastened and I talked them into holding it myself. Two breaths and I am gone, same thing every time. And then it’s all over and I wake up with a sore throat. Everything went ok, I got a shoulder lift, new anchors and lots of stitches. Ice eating starts. And the getting dressed part is always interesting. This time I actually considered going home without something on waste up. Why bother? I am glad I didn’t get to decide.

The first day after felt pretty good and then the nerve block and meds eased off. Had a bit of side effects from the anesthesia as always, it’s not my thing really. I got the enormous bandage off day 2 and that was a little bit of a disappointment. I was promised that they were going to use my old holes from the last surgery but they gave me four new ones that looks like massive bullet holes. That makes it 8 holes all together and I guess my shoulder will look like Swiss cheese from now on. Evening day 2 I decide to go to the kids’ volleyball games. Not a very good idea. Can’t say I remember much except sweating buckets and feeling extremely uncomfortable, but they both won. Day 3, watched 4 movies and went to the grocery store in the afternoon. I can’t remember any of the movies I saw but know I considered making my own pizza dough with my left when planning dinner walking down the isles at QFC. Day 4, Saturday. Took a shower, drove the car and had to remove the huge sling to drive, walked around Redmond with one of the kids, went to a volleyball tournament. Woke up at 3am in grueling pain and for a short time considered chopping my arm off. No fun. So here I am at day 5 sitting still and thinking of taking a shower. And I am going to think about it for a while. I kind of moved a little bit too fast and need to take a step back. Of all the injuries and surgeries over the past years I think the shoulder of your dominant hand must be the worst. I can’t do anything. Laying down doesn’t work, sitting is uncomfortable and standing is even worse. Too tired to read, too bored to watch another movie. Looking forward to 2016 when I will be able to button my pants and get my hair up in a ponytail.

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