We live and breathe

The Syrian issue is one of the most complicated problems in modern history. For Europe, the Middle East, the US… For all of us. It’s a question of freedom, religion, and the enemies of freedom. People dying, suffering, fleeing their countries and homes. It’s heartbreaking and impossible to explain or solve. Sweden is on “high alert” for the first time ever and people are shocked. Only the future will tell… Open hearts and closed borders, a problem that sounds impossible to solve. It makes it so difficult when religion is involved.

Life goes on here. We live and breathe. We are so far away yet so close. Our problems seems so small in comparison. As always I evaluate and think, how and why? Is it worth it to be so far away from the people that matters. We lost a very old and dear friend this week. It seems to be the thing right now. Every time I call my parents I get bad news. It’s a different kind of grief when a person dies after a very long life. I feel sad that I lost an entire generation. This was my last, beautiful friend from another era, and the last connection with my grandparents. The era before the 1st World War. It is impressive to live until 106, on the day. So many stories and so much experienced. So many, many years. I grief that my children lost a family member and the last connection to the older generation. And I really wish I was closer so I could to pay my respects and say goodbye.

A different thing… Mind. State of mind. The way you train your mind. And the way you decide to react and change your mindset. Adventure and how to train your mind, not only your body. That will be the subject of my next talk. I’ve been invited to speak and it’s always an honor to share your thoughts with other people. It means that I will have to get my stuff together once again, find pictures, try to think clear thoughts. I love it and wish I got the chance to do it more often, the clear thoughts I mean. It’s always interesting to speak in front of a large group in English, it makes it a tad bit more interesting.

From all the important stuff in life to the most trivial… We end the evening and discussion at the dinner table/homework table at 10.45…David Beckham…presumable the sexiest man alive. No! I had to Bing him and no. Felt obligated to inform my kids that he is 40 but they didn’t care. Yes, the man is ripped but he is not the sexiest man alive, ridiculous.

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