Happy 2016

I bumped into a friend today and she asked me if I was in hibernation or if something was very wrong. It has apparently been almost a month since my last update. So here we go peeps…

Welcome back and happy, happy new year. A new year. A blank new, unwritten year to fill up with new experiences, trips, hikes, rides and happiness. 2015 was mucho in many ways. It was a pretty good year for all of us but at the same time I feel really happy to turn the page and start over. For me the Alaska race was a big deal, all the training leading up to that and so was the surgery a few months after and all the training to get back after that; the highs and lows. I am lucky to be alive and kickin’. And I would for sure do the same thing again even if it meant hopeless pain, broken body parts and scary experiences. I have learned a lot about my limits and would for sure love to try to push them further. I am still recovering from surgery. It was a mean one and my whole upper right side is messed up, but it’s getting there… give me another 3-6 months and I will be as good as new.

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. The last proof of the holiday season around here is the wreath on the front door. It needs to go but I keep forgetting. I almost deleted this Christmas’s playlist yesterday but realized there’s only 10 months before it’s time for a new Christmas so I might as well keep it.

2016 started out with a bang. Well, not really since fireworks are not allowed but it’s been busy since the first day. After going through all five calendars we realized it will be more than a busy season for the kids and I am looking forward to lots of sports related trips with the kids. And soon we will for sure know about our senior’s plans for the fall. This college thing is not all a pleasant story, it’s a never ending process. I can’t remember that it was this difficult back in the days…

Johanna, Caroline and I started with a trip to Portland on Friday, then Eugene this weekend, LA, Anaheim, Spokane, Anaheim again… over and over… (It hits me every time, Portland is a nice city but it is a weird place.) There will be lots of miles in the car and a lot of frequent flier miles this year. All three kids have a lot of team tournaments coming up for different sports. (My Sunday work schedule will be a bit complicated from now on so if you want to hire a HR/marketing/principal/teacher/exercise enthusiast/adventure racer with many combined years of experience for a regular non-weekend job, I am yours.) I can’t believe Pottåker, Börje and Åland felt far for a match when we lived in Uppsala and it makes me laugh a bit. Let’s fly to Florida for a volleyball match or two for the weekend, it’s only a 6 hour flight and a different time zone. My perspective has changed in many ways in the past years and it’s still a work in progress. I guess that is how it is when your kids grow up. This Sunday we passed the 8 year mark in the US, it’s a long time. The world has changed in 8 years, we have changed in 8 years and I really hope it is an ongoing progress.

So, new year’s resolutions. Lose weight, gain weight, move around more, or maybe less, eat more vegetables, less chocolate. No, just no. I don’t think that’s the way you change. So, no resolutions. Just do your best and if you know better, do better. Try to make good choices and enjoy life. Be loud! But not as loud as Trump (I am sorry, I just can’t help myself.) The world is completely upside down, religion is a hot potato as always and the problems are escalating every day. I am clearly not the one to give advice but use your head when you vote. It is important to understand that the person that will become the president of this great country after President Obama will have a huge impact and will play an extremely important part of the whole world’s wellbeing. Think of the big picture and choose wisely. Save the world, peeps.

I do have a resolution and that is to find a new goal. I am lost without a big goal to work towards. It will not be a huge race or something crazy cold and wet. I am thinking and will probably figure out something sooner or later. No more marathons on asphalt or boring city races. Mountains, trails, beautiful sunsets, long runs over bridges, snow and beautiful nature, yes. No boats! Well, kayaks doesn’t count as boats. Feel free to send me suggestions if you think of something grande with a cherry on top.

A few years ago I wrote a post for our three daughters and I am including a little part of that post again. I cannot remind them often enough how great they are and how proud I am.

§ Be nice to your sisters, always.

§ It is ok to be homesick (can we still call it homesick?) and long for all loved ones in our other country… they will still be there next summer. Facetime!

§ Never get in a car with a drunk driver. Call home, any time. And never ever drive drunk!!

§ Work out. As much as you can and as hard as you can. And it is ok to look sweaty, not very cute and feel like you are going to puke. It is actually good for you.

§ Always work hard in school, it will pay off. But remember, you can only do your best.

§ Never be afraid to ask for help.

§ It is ok to spend a lot of money on shoes, especially running shoes.

§ Don’t worry about love when you are 17, you have plenty of time. I am sure you will not even remember the name of the cutest guy in 12th grade when you turn 30. I don’t. Life goes on.

§ Accept people around you. Nobody is perfect. Not even you.

§ Do your thing. Be different. But don’t wear too short skirts.

§ Travel as much as you can.

§ Laugh often and hard. And laugh at yourself.

§ Keep your eyes on the ball, in sports and in life.

§ Learn how to drive a stick.

§ Cook and bake bread. Enjoy food, it is good for you and it brings people together.

§ Change is good, scary but good.

§ Do things that scare you.

§ No tattoos or visible piercings. And no, I will not change my mind about this.

§ You are all three so much stronger than you think.

§ If you can’t think, go for a run, a long run. Or a long walk, I know you really don’t like running as much as I do.

§ Stay educated and keep learning.

§ Read books.

§ Don’t stress… you have a long life ahead of you.

Beauty is the opposite of perfection – it’s about confidence, charisma, and character.

Happy 2016!


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