Where can I buy a car helmet?

1/5 of the family is in Europe for a while. Home away from home, working and meeting family. A good combination. 4/5, all the ladies are home. Waiting for the weekend to come. We get more and more tired every day. This week is going slow, we don’t seem to get enough sleep even if some of us go to bed early. We better start taking some Vitamin D. I spent the evening in front of the computer trying to clear my mailbox. One of those things you wait too long to do, until it’s an overload. I found a lot of interesting stuff in there. Went through my junk folder and found a lot of stuff. Lots of groupon deals, low interest rates for house owners, different Brazilian offers (steak and wax) and custom Christmas tree ornaments. The most interesting one was Have you found the Body for you? Well, I am not sure? Can I trade it? Get something younger and leaner, and a nice tanned one would be awesome. My hair turned into a darker grey shade when the kitchen computer decided to go mute yesterday. A kitchen without Spotify is a very dull and grey kitchen. And the support crew is working in a different time zone in Amsterdam/Stockholm.

We made a spontaneous outing last night. We took a trip to the University of Washington and watched the volleyball ladies play against UCLA. UW won, 3-0. We can’t get enough of volleyball around here. The driving permit holder suggested she could drive over the bridge in rush hour. I don’t know if my heart can take three young drivers in the family. I don’t know how my parents did it? And I thought learning how to ride a bike, swim and ski were big steps in our kids life’s. Considering car helmets for all the kids.


That would make me even more popular at home. I was in such a good mood this morning, singing out loud in the car so the kids asked what the **** was wrong with me. I think it is an outlet for all the anxiety that builds up when you have teenager drivers. And a non-working Spotify account.

And how about a song on a Thursday?

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