A broken phone

Woke up 2 minutes before the alarm went off, 5.59. Had a strange dream about eating pizza and choking. My one near death experience that happened last spring I think. I had lunch with a couple of friends and a piece of prosciutto pizza got stuck in my throat. It felt like 5 minutes passed but it was probably only 15 seconds. And then life continued. Had a sore throat for a few days, that’s all. And a light version happened this summer with a tiny piece of feta and a proper Heimlich was performed and I had sore ribs for two months. And now I had a dream about it, analyze that all you psychologists out there. Scary stuff. I am probably messed up for life.  Well, I turned off my alarm and slept for a few more hours. No running for me in the dark. I am saving that run for this afternoon and I will hopefully absorb some vitamin D and inhale some sunny air. And maybe I can bribe one of the kids to come along.

Do you know that it’s Christmas time? I know, I thought it was time for Thanksgiving soon but I must be wrong. We had a little emergency with one of our brand new phones yesterday and rushed in to Bellevue last night. We stopped at a red light and there it we had it… Christmas. Lights everywhere. I still get very confused this time of year. Pumpkins, scare crows and Christmas lights at the same time. We still have a couple of tomatoes outside that might turn red. I am waiting for the smell of glögg in the air, snow to cover the ground, cold, red noses. I guess we will have to hang at Costco to get the Christmas spirit. No really. Why not do one thing at the time? Let’s finish fall first. I am sure people will shop like crazy anyway, even if they have to wait a couple of weeks for Christmas music and lights. And that’s another thing. Shopping on Thanksgiving… you should be ashamed of yourselves.

One of my favorit Christmas tunes

But let’s back up a little, to the emergency with the phone. I dropped off at school at 8am and got a call from a phone number I didn’t recognize 10 minutes later. One of my kids borrowed a phone and called to say that she dropped her new phone and the screen broke into hundred pieces. Nothing like this happens, they are usually really careful with their stuff, never expect us to buy new things for them and they don’t use their phones for stupid things. But, she called and I heard that she almost cried. Her friends thought I would get angry and say that she had to save up to a new etc. My response ”shit happens, don’t worry about it”, yup you heard me right. Those exact words. And I felt happy that she called me. It’s a phone, that’s why you pay for insurance. Did she drop it on purpose? Of course not. I dropped my phone in the toilet a few months ago. Not fun and I really didn’t like spending that money to get a new one. But, focus on the important stuff. So you parents out there, do you get angry for a thing like this? A broken phone? I am just happy as long as we don’t break any bones or hearts. Focus on the important things in life.



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