Be visible

I might sound like an old lady but… make sure you are visible. I usually run early in the morning with a headlight and a blinking red light fasten on my backpack. I ran a bit late today, got out around 4. An hour and a half in my run it was dark and I had no lights, nothing reflective and black clothes (except from my tights that was pink). I turned around and started to run back home, felt kind of stupid that I didn’t think of that it was getting dark early. It is your responsibility that the cars can see you. And open your eyes and unplug. It is always more safe if you can hear the traffic around you. How bad can it be to run without music in your ears?

I grew up in northern Europe. In the winter it gets dark early in the afternoon. When you walk or bike to work it is dark and when you go back home after a long day, its dark again. When we get the first snow it is like it was sent from heaven, it instantly gets lighter and brighter.

My mom always carried around reflective pieces (reflexer) shaped like stars and hearts, she still does. I don’t even know what to call them since it is impossible to find something like this here. I fastened those little pieces on every little outerwear my kids owned. In every store you can think of they sell those reflective things. They are in every shape you can imagine, cartoons, hearts, cars, animals… They are usually placed on the counter so it is easy to grab one before you pay for your other stuff. It is fastened to a little string so when you get it out from your pocket it dangles and shines when a car pass you. Really efficient.

It is your responsibility that you are visible when you run or walk outside. Wear reflective gear. And open your eyes and run against traffic. And wear clothes with colors.

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