After Christmas Orienteering

Christmas is almost over. We’ve had a nice, lazy holiday. Lots of food and chocolate, movies and books. And it’s only a couple of days left of 2013. Time for a new year, new goals and new adventures. I will try to summarize 2013 in a couple of days, I’ve been busy doing nothing for a few weeks. Nothing has been good for all of us, nothing as in some volleyball, racquetball, running, biking, reading, eating, socializing… I got a new mtn bike before Christmas and I finally got out on a ride the other day. Nice and fast. I’ve got some work to do to get used to this BMC machine.

I survived my first orienteering competition today. I have a complicated relationship with orienteering. As a Swede you go through navigation in school. Everybody has to do orienteering in PE, endless hours out in the woods with old fashion maps and borrowed compasses. You are kind of forced to like the outdoors. I did not like it. I think it was because I did it in a big group and you lost control of the map and then you get this feeling of that you are lost. And who wants to feel lost? And how cool is it to read a map when you are in high school trying to look awesome. Not cool. We got to do a lot of cool stuff in PE back then. Cross country skiing, ice skating, track and field day, hiking. Really inspiring teachers with lots of patience. 

Orienteering is the most non glamorous sport you can imagine, but really enjoyable. Nice people, lots of fresh air and out in the middle of nowhere. And mud. And I love mud. I had a really good time today. My plan was to do the beginners course or maybe the intermediate and go safe. Who wants to fail on the first try? I ended up doing the advanced and long course together with a new friend of mine. I was really worried that I would slow him down, and I am sure I did. We ended up doing pretty well and finished without any major navigation mistakes. And I can’t wait to do it again. 

And our favorite commercial. This is how we talk.

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