A brand new day, a brand new week and a brand new month. It’s been while and you might think that the big blog death appeared. Well, I don’t know what happened but I am back, hopefully for good. One thing that happened was that I got a new computer that didn’t agree with me. I have been avoiding it for a long time, used the kitchen computer and stopped blogging. I finally returned it and got another one. This new white wonder seems to be a good one.

Since last time we’ve had a couple of tournaments around Seattle and two climbing competitions. Good times. The kids are busy with school and sports, and as always I wish the homework load would be smaller. We have a few comps and tourneys and hopefully a few gold medals before summer.

We have had spring break this week and it started out with great weather and sunny skies. The kids spent the first few days playing volleyball in the back yard. Just the way you want life to be, nice and sunny, lemonade and ice cream. We packed up the car Wednesday and went to Portland for a short trip. We had a great time exploring the city again. It’s been a few years since last time. We haven’t been there all of us together since I ran Portland Marathon and that is some years ago. A long, windy and rainy day and my first marathon experience. I loved it. It was a great day from what I can remember now. I have a vague memory of fatigue and tired legs but I am not sure that can be right.

Portland is a great city to visit. Not too big, very friendly and we always find nice places to eat. We walked around this time. Night and day. We got to see some interesting stuff and the kids got some new stories to tell. And next time I will try to remember that this is not Paris or Berlin… you don’t bring your kids everywhere here. But new impressions are good. Street workers in corners and people selling stuff from the back of their car, all good life lessons, right. And very good life experiences… Work hard in school kids.

Today was the last day of spring break for the kids. The two adults in the family had to go to work and the kids enjoyed their last day of sun and freedom before summer. On a day like we had today it’s easy to forget all the rain and the gray days of winter in Seattle. Gorgeous views, blue skies and warm winds. We ended the day with a barbeque, dinner outside and an episode of Wallander.

My foot is still a bit angry after surgery but I am sure it will get better in no time. Life shows its ups and downs, all good one day and then a couple of steps back. It doesn’t feel like I can run smooth and long at the moment but I sure I will get there soon. I’ve had a week of rest more or less. Itching all over to get a few hours on the trail in tomorrow.

We are house hunting. We are moving out from the house we have lived in for the past 5 years. It feels a bit sad to leave our great landlord but moving is usually a good thing. Let us know if you see something interesting!

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