Mommy of the year award

I think I won the mommy of the year award again. I know, I am awesome. I’ve dealt with sick kids for almost 18 years. We have been through lots of asthma and croups, plenty of ER visits, climbing falls, soccer injuries, skiing falls, a couple of different accidents that happens when you have kids. That’s life. The last 5 years have been pretty bad when it comes to allergies and Sofia is a real trouper. She has a food list of 34 items that she can’t eat if she doesn’t want to swell up or stop breathing. She is more than awesome. And after all those years it feels pretty stable right now. I am on top of things. The kids are getting older. I can treat a cold or two with my eyes closed. I can inject an EpiPen in my sleep if I have to. But no, my healing skills suck.

I know I can be pretty rough when it comes to injuries and sickness. The kids are good with staying home from school if they are sick. But it doesn’t happen if they’re not close to dying. PMS doesn’t really exist at our house but soreness from a tough workout does. Sounds bad? We actually are a nice, caring family but school is important. So what do I want to say with this rambling?

Two weeks ago Sofia stayed home from school with the flu. Really sick, high fever and a bad cough and a really sore rib. She could barely walk and sneezing made her cry. When it didn’t get better after a week I took her to the doctor and he checked her out. I explained that we came in because of the rib, she might have bruised it pancaking in volleyball or…? He looked at me and told me that my kid had an ear infection and almost pneumonia. Good job mom. That’s why she didn’t hear.

Johanna has been home for week with a terrible cough and high fever. Really unusual. She finally saw a doctor today. She is coughing so bad she can’t talk. I pumped her full of asthma meds and coughing syrup that tasted puke. I even force fed her frozen fruit bars to ease the cough. The kid has pneumonia. Well done mom. Maybe see a doctor earlier next time.

If Caroline gets sick this coming week she will see a doctor the first day and I will not make any decisions that concerns her health. Apparently I didn’t learn a thing over the past 18 years or my kids are really cool kids and not very easy to brake.


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