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I got injection #3 in my big toe Friday. A most excellent doctor got me numbed up and filled up my toe to size double. I am now waiting for the result. And after three weeks and two days the pain is almost gone. Think of all the fun things I am going to do. I am looking forward to it. I am thinking new shoes and boots. I also got treated to another ultrasound of my other foot while waiting for my foot to numb up. Tumors and cysts sucks. And my body seem to have a great collection. Last thing I collected was napkins from restaurants around Europe when I was around 8. This new collection is for sure more difficult and expensive.

I know it’s impossible to control everything in your life but there are a few things you actually can control for a better life. Your food and drink intake, vitamin D and oxygen and sleep. And of course the amount you exercise or just move.

So, what are the keys to a great healthy life? I do think I am pretty healthy over all. I live, laugh, eat, workout and rest. The most difficult part for me is rest. From time to time I have really big issues sleeping. I love napping during the day but that is really not enough. Bad sleeping habits really makes your overall performance and life slow down. This is nothing new, I had a bad period of sleeplessness years ago. Three kids under 4, constantly exhausted and still counting hours and sheep every night. After a while you get into panic mode and something changes. You know you are getting up to work at 6, and you are still not asleep at 3. I am waiting for the change. And the panic mode. It’s a bit different now when the kids are older and my work situation is different from 10-15 years back. Panic mode is very far away this time. But it sure is frustrating to wake up around 2 every night to watch the grass grow.

Food, people, is very important too. I am a believer. In food. Why is food such a difficult topic? You eat all the time and you need know what you put in your mouth. We discuss this all the time at home. And you are probably tired of reading about it again here. I would love to be a fly on the wall at our kids schools. I get some reports and I ask millions of questions. Pizza slices are apparently hot. So is nothing. Kind of scary. Surprisingly many start the day at Starbucks. They rather have a frappuccino and skip lunch to save on calories. Since my kids have gluten intolerance and a bunch of other allergies I have the opportunity to send cooked food every day. Hehe. Leftovers in a food thermos or an occasional sandwich and I can actually control what they put in their tummies for a few more years.

I also believe in sitting down at a table together as a family and eat a cooked meal every day. Yes, every day. Scary for some. That’s when the magic will happen. Or where do you talk?

Something have happened with my insta feed the last year. As always there are lots and lots of pictures of food. Apparently people like to take pictures of themselves and food. I’ll have to admit that I sometimes do too. People fill a plate with grilled chicken and some lettuce and call it a meal. And shoot a picture. Or even worse, make a chia pudding every day or a smoothie in a jar with a paper straw and take a picture. A salad can taste really good every once in a while but not every day. You don’t assemble food, you cook food. The process of cooking set vitamins and minerals free. You need to cook your vegetables, barbeque your meat with spices, make a roast, a stew, boil, roast… cutting up carrots and celery in pieces is not cooking. And all the hummus… yes, can be good as a snack but not every day. It’s like watching the same movie every day.

I have something against supplements and bars. I do eat an occasional bar as a snack, I drink electrolytes on long training days and races but to make this an everyday thing, I am not convinced. I do appreciate that great athletes that do a lot of training need extra protein etc but a regular person like me, no. I think what we all need is well cooked food, and a variety of foods from different food groups. A lot of people around here are on strict diets, lean meats and vegetables day in and day out. A few smoothies or shakes every day, same bars and the same type of food every night. How do you survive the boredom? Food should taste good and different every day, it should have a variety of colors, have different textures, different temperatures. Your digestive system needs to work and move inside. And it’s good for your body to digest different types of food. It’s good for your teeth too. I think it is possible to eat well without protein shakes and other supplements, and I also think it’s better for your body and for your overall health.

The food you eat stays in your system and affects you for a long time. You can’t just flush it out from your system with a simple cleanse. It’s a long time commitment and has no easy fix. That’s probably why short time weight loss fixes rarely work. If you need to change something, think long and slow. Think years. Change your habits. And as always, if you have kids, your habits will be their habits. Cook together, eat together. Make sure they know what food looks and smell like.

Oxygen and sunshine. I do appreciate that not all like running or can run but go outside and take a walk every day. We don’t have much sunshine around here during the darker months but at least try to breathe some fresh air.

And something completely different…

Browsing through the news, covering the Swedish newspapers and some news online. I have decided to skip all articles about violence today. And it’s not that I don’t care, I do, but I choose not to today. I am listening to Phil Collins. Not sure why, it just happened. Love songs that reminds me of the 80s. Sounds like I need to move on… Anyhow, even if I am not reading sad things today I ended up skimming a piece about running and dangers for women and men running alone. I actually forgot that feeling, the feeling of being scared when running by myself. I do feel a bit uncomfortable when I run at some places in Sweden. I am always jetlagged when I am there and usually end up running around 5 in the morning. It’s a bit sketchy and usually people are walking home after a long night at the pub. And I didn’t like running in Reno last month. Lots of loose dogs and interesting people. But here, never. I get a bit worked up about bears sometimes and cougars. Do I live in a false sense of security? How do you all feel around here walking or running? And I don’t count streets around Kirkland/Redmond, I mean trails around here, more remote. I parked in the back of the gym the other night and walked around by myself in the dark, no people around and no cars. I would never do that in Sweden but here, never even thought about it.

When you know better, do better.

My contribution to food pics and selfies found in my phone







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