Give me some halloumi

Like a TB patient at a health resort on a mountaintop in neutral Switzerland 60 years ago I am all bundled up in blankets sitting outside in a lawn chair squeaking to the sun. Getting air in my lungs and sun on my winter pale body. I am terrified that I will get the flu the kids all been sharing with each other and that ended in a bad pneumonia. And I decided that I will freeze away all the bacteria’s. After dragging the lawn mower out from the garage this weekend I decided that it is spring and almost summer. I mowed the lawn and started pulling weeds. Planted a couple of flowers and that’s about it. I am doing the best I can to heat up my blueish white skin but it’s not all that easy. The sun comes and goes, there are more clouds than blue parts of the sky and the sun is not really warm. But I think I can see one little freckle after hours outside. And it is of course really tough the get freckles if you have two big blankets wrapped around your body and wellies with fluff in on your feet. It’s cold but it’s March. I need sun. I don’t think I’ve ever been this pale, fat free milk colored, whiter than snow on Christmas. I feel squeaky, my joints makes noises and my hair looks more grey than ever. It’s not very attractive. I painted my nails blue to get the spring spirit. I am not sure it will help. I dragged the trainer and bike outside today and pretended that it was summer. Shorts and a top, music on and…no…freezing. Next time, more clothes.

Highlight of the day so far, a big bag of chia seeds upside down in in the pantry. I closed the door and is waiting for inspiration. Too bad I can see little black seeds outside of the door, so it’s just a matter of time… Yesterday was incredible fun for some. I had an incident at Starbucks. I saw what I thought was a friend’s car in the drive thru and parked my car and walked over. Instead of just knocking on the window I decided to do a little dance… and so I did. 8am. And I had my funkiest leopard tights on. I danced around the car, shaking and hopping, awesome moves. I even think I stretched out a bit on the hood. And sang a few tunes. After a while the car backs up a bit and turn in to a parking space and out walks an older couple. And it took them some time to get out from the car. I thought about running for my life but realized that I just had to swallow my pride and stay. I tried to explain but kind of gave it up. They thanked me for the dance, the great performance. And laughed. And I thanked my lucky star that older people usually don’t use phones for recording. We walked in together, ordered coffee, chatted a bit and took off to different directions. They even paid for my coffee. Well, good morning.

I want long summer nights, a glimpse of the ocean and a pretty view from a mountain top. And a salad made of avocados, black olives, sweet cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of halloumi. A nice olive oil and balsamic. If you ever want to win my heart over give me a halloumi. Or roasted, warm beets. Or both. And olives.

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