New week

It’s been a heck of a week and I am pretty happy it’s over. I’ve logged lots and lots of miles on my car. Time to start a new fresh one. I ended the week with the big lung death, a visit at Urgent Care. I started shaking late Thursday night after I got back from the gym, got a really high fever, took a bath and decided to sleep it off. It didn’t go that well. I got the garbage out Friday morning at 6am. Our neighbors must love me. 200 yards that felt like 2 miles, one garbage can at the time. It felt like I dragged 500lbs so I kind of guessed that something was wrong. J was up all night trying to catch up on school and left really early before breakfast. I took C and S to school and went straight to the doctor. And as always when you sit there… maybe I am fine…? I might just need some sleep? I mentioned a pressure over my chest and ohhh my, legs moved faaast. Tried to explain that my shoulder was still hurting after the dislocation and it’s been impossible to lift weights. X-ray and meds. A very surprising sinus infection and a double sided pneumonia. But good thing it’s not my shoulder as I thought. And apparently I have enormous lungs, what a great compliment. How is it even possible to get so sick in such a short time? And why does it always happen when I am home alone with the kids? Well, it’s all better now after two days of lots of pills. And the show must go on. I even went to work today. The poor kids had to deal with the teacher from the not so sunny side.

It’s March Mayhem at the CrossFit gym. I got paired up with an excellent woman that I don’t really know and we are now competing together for a month. Let me just say, we seem to be a great match. We want to win! And we did amazing the first week. If you feel like trying out our place please let me know. I would love bring you as a guest. Eah, I need the points. It’s an outstanding place, friendly people, great coaches. Give me a call. And you get to spend an hour with moi.

Yesterday marked 6 months since our friend Ross passed away. Ross’ amazingly strong mom met up at Vertical World for a nice gathering and a balloon send off before it got dark. A beautiful way to keep in touch and stay connected to Ross. Missed by so many. Every day. Lots of hugs and tears again.

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Little S had a full day tournament today and it went really well. She came back home and crashed. We are trying to shake her up a bit and get some dinner in her tummy. And I have great expectations, dinner seems really fine. Chicken souvlaki on the barbie, a nice salad with feta and olives, red rice, tzatziki (and some roasted potatoes just in case, I am not 100% sure about the red rice.) And broccoli, I have a kid that feels like she needs broccoli every day. Weird, yes, but that’s the way it is. And some fresh pineapple.

So let’s start a new week. Let’s try hard without trying too hard. Let’s shift perspective and mentality and do some good work. When you know better do better. And kick some ass.

Happy Monday

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