Sunday morning. Wake up 6.30 and have time to stay in bed for 30 extra minutes. Lucky me. Maybe I should run? Yoga? Who am I kidding? The only time I do yoga is when I have broken body parts. I should, I know. I decide that I will spend 30 minutes visualizing my day. I have no fizzy water beside my bed. And… gone… I didn’t even get to visualize breakfast, I fell asleep in 30 seconds, very unusual. It’s pouring and the bridge is closed. Had breakfast, one extra cappuccino and it’s time to go. Lovely day at school. The weather is bad. I know I usually have a great view from the classroom but today it’s multiple shades of grey. Seattle weather.


Got into running mood after work. I walked by the treadmill in the garage a few times. Back again. Checked it out. Started breathing really deep to try out my poor lungs. And got a kind of now or never feeling. Må det bära eller brista liksom. New shoes, three pairs. Really eager to try the bubblegum colored Adidas with a foamy sole. I gave myself 12 minutes for each pair and if I could still breath, one mile outside in the pouring rain. Those first 36 minutes felt like 5. Jeeezz I love this. Still breathing problems but I just love running some days. Even on a really worn out treadmill in the garage facing a wall. 12 minutes x 3. Why 12 minutes? 10 felt short, 15 too long. Nike Free canary yellow, same as always, good not great, but a good shoe. Adidas Boost bubblegum pink, oh la la, heaven. Flyknit pink, same as always but a bit stiff. My toe with oldladyarthritis hurt. Got the bubblegum shoes on again and went outside. It’s pouring. Up and down on the street a few times. Stopped for a selfie (Yes, true. I had the feeling I needed to get those Adidas on a photo for proof. Adidas?!?) Lungs really burning but feel over all pretty good. Around the block once and it’s cold. What happened to spring? But feels great. I am done with being sick. And it’s a great pair of shoes.


I’ve had 10 days off running/biking/swimming for the first time in years. I am still thinking and considering not going to Idaho for the IronMan in June. I am indecisive, a sad word. I am waiting for… to feel it. In my head. I haven’t decided if I am giving up or letting go. Or maybe going through with it. It scares me. I am not ok with giving up. Then things are not resolved. Giving up is not good. Letting go can be a relief and peace. I’ve had so many people asking me why I am considering doing this race and the sad thing is that I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s a good goal. I know I will love it. I know. But I don’t know. I need a push. Feel free to give me a pep talk when we meet next time. Please do, I need it. And don’t mention that I am getting old, can get hurt or am training too much. I’ve heard enough of that and it’s not true.

Late afternoon. Off to Costco with 90% of the population on East side. I am getting a few things, the rest are there to fill up their houses, RVs and their boats. A new sofa, dog bed, canoe and please, buy some plants while you are at it. And don’t forget a new monster TV. And they all brought their five kids and the neighbors newborn twins. And a dog in a bag. I feel pretty done with kids for the day. Rushing out, it’s pouring down and the parking lot is a rule free zone. I thought you should look back when backing, silly me. Bad day for a Costco run. Got our stuff and rushed home to get the roast in the oven. Dinner with friends. And for dessert, booked a trip to Cali for some sun therapy.

And some quiet time. Feet up. Music on. Let’s start a new week.


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