What is going on in your head? Do you always have a clear mind and do you have a way of processing your thoughts? I do a lot of thinking when I run or hike, I solve problems and feel like I accomplish something. It should be the same thing with biking don’t you think? Apparently my mind doesn’t work that way. I didn’t look forward to my long bike ride this morning. One of the kids got up before I could call this morning a morning, it felt like it was still in the middle of the night when I heard the shower at 5.15. And there she was, beside my bed reminding me that it’s Tuesday mom, AP study group. Of course I remember… give me 10 minutes… And I heard the rain and wind even before I opened my eyes. I checked the weather on my phone and tried to negotiate with myself to switch days but I am a tough boss. Today was the day. Got lunch ready for the kids, ate breakfast, took one kid to study group, had more coffee, took one more kid to school. Tried to sneak in a smile to kid 3 before she drove off. She woke up a bit cranky. And who drove her car in to the garage and plugged it in last night, now she will be even more late. It will probably take 30 more seconds. Ouch.

I am back home. Maybe I should do some laundry? Clean up? Work? It’s raining. I feel miserable. And I better get dressed.

And I am on my way. It’s cold, the rain is splashing up my face, I look like a dork with a headband under my helmet. I forgot to bring sunglasses. And my back break doesn’t work. Convenient. I will not try to change breaks again. Have to remember to fix that. And why did I cut my hair off, I can’t braid it so it’s all around my face. So much traffic. And after 25 minutes I am on the trail, away from all traffic and now it’s time to relax. But no. One tree, two trees… Birds, more birds… Woodinville… aahhh move away from the trail birdies… boooring, booooring…hands are cold… It must be time for a snackbreak, or maybe not yet? An eagle is circulating over my head. Is he going to eat me? Passing people…who walks in pouring rain? Latte moms, walking all over the trail. Aahhh lucky runners… you should smile, you don’t know how lucky you are not biking… And I am in Bothell. This is my turnaround spot. I get off the bike and beside me strolls a handsome rooster. Well, hello. We chat a bit and off I go.


Finally snackbreak and I eat something that looks like a Kexchoklad but is seriously hard core s**t and taste cra*. Last time I ate this kind of bar was after 20 hours in a long race this past summer. I remembered it tasted divine that time. Not today. I keep on biking and I am pretty sure I will end up in Oregon soon.

The rain stops and I am home. 3,5 hours. I haven’t had time to think one good thought. I get a dog like behavior when I bike. I see things moving and I feel the urge to follow. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bird, a plastic bag or an interesting cement truck. And I look forward to tomorrow, it’s a long run day. And I will get a chance to think again.

2 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. maria

    Hej!jaag heter Maria och bor i LosAngeles.har 3 barn och har bott i LA i 23 år. Blir 40 om några Veckor.
    Finns det en chans att prata lite med dej om hur det är att leva i staten du bor i?som Svensk.😊mvh

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