Finally Friday

Sneaking in 15 minutes of rest/nap/sofa time after what feels like an eternity. It’s been a long week and it’s not over yet. The world is boiling around us. One direction are now only 4, the Antarctic ice is melting faster than ever, grapes makes you fat, the Ukraine/Russia problem – big issue… And Tomas Tranströmer the Swedish poet passed away. The one Tranströmer quote I have back in my mind is ”Mitt i livet händer det att döden kommer och tar mått på människan. Det besöket glöms och livet fortsätter. Men kostymen sys i det tysta.” I don’t even know how to translate but something like this… It the midst of life that death comes and takes measures on the man. The visit happens and is forgotten and life goes on. But the suit is sewn in silence.”

My Microsoft Band finally showed up by the door today. The one thing you can’t live without. I am the one that keeps forgetting my Garmin on runs, I forget to turn it on, to charge it, I broke the heartrate strap years ago but couldn’t care less. After tracking my heartrate when I had arrhythmia a few years back I kind of got tired of the whole thing. It’s not fun to monitored all the time. Now I am sitting here with this nifty little thing around my left wrist and can’t stop looking at it. 68, 62, 64, 62… deep breaths…65, 79, 81?? what the heck… 61, 58, 56… Oh my, I am soooo zen. So many possibilities, so much to learn. I’ll get back to you in a few weeks, after a few runs, bike rides… and let you know how it works. I think it will be fantastic. The only thing that worries me a bit is that I’ll have to stop wearing dark blue and that is about 50% of my clothes. Dark blue looks awful with black, never ever wear blue and black, and the Band is black. And I would like some bling on it.

Time to get the house in shape after 5 long days of backpack curling, shoemountain building and horizontal eating in front of the TV before our dinner guests arrive. No, not horizontal eating by me but the house is full of teenagers and let me just say that we buy those big boxes of popcorn at Costco. I know, sad, who does? My problem, shoes and books, I spread shoes and books everywhere. I simultaneously use two Kindles but can’t stop buying books. The feeling, the smell. And who doesn’t love colorful runningshoes.

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