My obsessive side

It’s a new week and March is almost over. In less than 48 hours I managed to get obsessed with my sleep pattern and heartrate. The Band is singing like a little hummingbird that gets fed sweet things. It’s buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. Emails, texts, phone calls… And it’s buzzing every mile I run or bike to remind me to go faster. And I don’t care that it’s there anymore. After the first annoying hours of getting stuck and feeling itchy I got used to it and ditched my regular watch. Yes, I know I am a bit stuck in the 70s, I am probably the only one under 70 still wearing a regular watch.

The Band on my wrist is pestering me, in good way I guess.  Yesterday after work I decided to take a nap. Not because I felt extremely tired, just to check how it would look on my phone if I fell asleep during the day. My own sleep really fascinates me. What do I wear in bed? Why, Band, of course. I go to bed tired but end up wired most of the time. Last three nights I actually know how sleep looks. It’s a lot of purple light sleep, a few staples dark purple restful sleep and lots of pink stripes when I wake up. Purple and pink, purple and pink… Now I just need to figure out what to do with this information and how to read it. And even more interesting is the heart that goes in to a hibernate kind of state, a nice rhythm of 43 beats per minute. And activities like driving, 68-72 beats. That must mean that I am extremely calm when driving, right.

And steps, usually not a problem for me. I am always 10 000/day and up depending on what I do. Apparently I had a very slow and tranquil day yesterday. Realized when cooking dinner that I only had 6000 steps and had to take a fast walk while the stew was boiling and the cake was getting ready in the oven. Why?? Just because I wanted that display to turn to 10000. Running up and down the stairs at home 3 times is about 100 steps, just to inform you.

The only disappointing thing so far is the calorie burn. If you are like me, never ever paid attention to calories it will not make you do cartwheels and handstands of pure joy. I know I have the function burned calories on my Garmin but I usually turn that off. It’s not going to make me run faster or longer if I have the calories on display. Only time I have checked and gloated is after a long race when it’s numbers like 3500-4000 cal. I checked this morning when I ran intervals. Oh my. Kind of sad. I burned around 350 calories. And then I went home and had a large cup of coffee with a splash of milk and two slices of rye bread with cheese to make up for it. I actually burned more calories when epilating my legs yesterday. So I might skip intervals next week and work on getting smooth legs instead.

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