Morning coffee

Back after a few days away. Beautiful, sunny warm days with food, talks and walks with a friend. 100 000 steps recorded, around 45 miles and blisters in between the toes from walking in flip flops. Afternoon snacks and drinks, late dinners and long sandy walks. And now I am back in Seattle. I started out the day drinking real coffee, I could not find any decent coffee down there. And life looks so bright when you get decent coffee. And then I took off. Planned on around six miles, to Redmond and back. The plan failed. I felt really awesome around mile 6, felt even better around mile 8 and decided to take the long route home around mile 9. Good planning. Got really thirsty. Felt extremely tired. And stumbled in after 14,5 miles. Feeling like a baby elephant, rolling around on wobbly legs. Good plan. And it’s great to be back.



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