Life struggles

Phone: Crushed screen, dropped it running the other day. Apparently running in a bouncy way. Need to work on running form. And need to work on better language when sh** happens.

Computer: Dead, very dead. Quiet and cold. Been booting, praying, cursing, charging… 

Weather: Rain every day and night so far. No joke, worst summer since RV tour around Sweden 1977. Pale as an uncooked shrimp. Cold as a frozen lobster tail. Freckles gone.

Body: Still not cooperating. Been resting more than a person in a full body cast. Working my brain more than my body. And filling every little piece of it with bread. 

Activity level: Ehhh, a bit itchy so C and I joined a gym. Found a climbing wall and some kettle bells. Made a lot of interesting discoveries. I need to change my work out clothes to blend in. Get some ink and pump my biceps. And be quiet. Will try again tomorrow.

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