Back in town

The beauty of getting up really early. I am still searching for it. I used to enjoy running early, greeting the sun, slowly see the forest wake up. Waking up before the newspaper arrives, before coffee tastes good, before the TV news starts.

We are back home and life is slowly getting back to normal. A month away is a long time. There are new houses in our neighborhood, new asphalt on 85th. Jetlag hit me hard this time again, it doesn’t get easier. I woke up early and waited for the gym to open at 5.30. Back home after 7 for a second breakfast. Watching a movie at 8 with kid #2 that is up early too. I hope the day lasts longer than yesterday. A few more minutes every night.

Thanks to all family and friends in Sweden. We all had a great time. Next time, please get this weather thing straight. We have enough rain and cold winds at home 😉 Thanks for letting us borrow houses, beds and cars. And thanks for your time. If we missed you, there will always be a next time. We got a few days out in the archipelago celebrating an important birthday. The weather finally turned around and the sun came out. Thanks for letting us stay in the annexe. We will be back! And we feel very honored that Bosse the dog even considered jumping on to the boat when he saw us, even if he missed and ended up in the water.

We are looking forward to a bunch of visitors for Christmas and we are secretly hoping for company for Thanksgiving.

It feels like it’s been two months since I spent time at home. Before Sweden, Alaska happened and I had a week at home in between. That week was filled with great friends visiting from Sweden and nightly sweats, no sleep and nightmares. The nightmares ended after a few days with my parents. This time I slept through jetlag, I was too exhausted after the race. I also kept on eating lots and lots of food, somehow I felt starved weeks after. For the first time in a long time I didn’t feel like moving around or working out. Lucky me, I had really messed up feet so I could not wear shoes for weeks, so no running. When I finally got out for a run I actually felt good and Caroline and I even joined a gym. Caroline climbed and I tried to rehab my shoulder but I spent most of the time people watching. That will be another blogpost. Wow people. I don’t know if I am a very changed person from living abroad for 8 years or if Swedes changed. Maybe a little bit of both. I even visited a CrossFit box for a workout. That made me more homesick than ever. I really miss BelRed and it will be good to get back on track.

I did a Costco run yesterday and had an Alaska flashback seeing all bars and snacks that I will never eat on a normal day. I think this race will follow me as long as I live. And I can’t wait for the next adventure. And it will hopefully be sooner than later. Hopefully without close to death experiences. I can take feeling like a human piñata a few weeks after but not the nightmares.

School is around the corner and the kids have days filled with school stuff and try outs. It’s a bit different from elementary/middle. A few years ago the most important thing was crayons, markers and notebooks. It’s all money now…parking permits and fees. But I think I will take them getting some new markers and sparkly pens… I am still an elementary teacher, it’s the best part of the year except from the last day of school.

So, basically everything is the same here as it was before summer. We are still the same but different. Kids are still concerned who’s the tallest of the three of them even if they stopped growing. I still get excited when a package shows up on our doorstep even if I ordered it myself. Amazon delivered a new waffle maker today. Do we still shop at Amazon after that very intense article the other day?

Still wondering if the kids have figured out that I have no clue what I am doing. But it seems to work.

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