Life as its best

The November post did not happen so let’s start fresh the first day of December. The world changed in November. I don’t know if you felt it but there’s a disappointment hanging in the air, a weird feeling and a big confusion. After the election we all woke up like the morning after a huge party, with a big mess to take care of. But this time it’s not possible to do the dishes. We are just waiting around for the mold and pests to take over. Maybe I am a bit harsh but I don’t see a bright future. And I’m really disappointed that in a great democracy, people are too nonchalant to use their voice and vote.    

But…The sun is shining, the mountain is out, people are friendly and life is pretty good. I will as long as I can stay in this bubble, in Seattle, where people are open minded and nice. This country chooses an interesting person to be the new president and the world will take the hit. I do believe many Americans don’t have a clue that this makes the world more unsafe and we are all taking a step back a few decades. But that is my humble opinion.  

I popped down to Florida for a conference, meeting with teachers and principals. We are 36 registered schools working with Swedish bilingual kids all around the country. And as always it’s a great experience and a boost for all of us meeting. We pick up new ideas, get some inspiration and actually get to pat ourselves on the back a bit, our school is fantastic. Let’s make it even better. I read something about bilingual kids and the way they watch the mouth and don’t meet eye contact when they listen to people. I need to check this out and also see what adults do. Interesting stuff.   

So how’s life in the suburbs? Well, not very exciting but pretty good. My big brother came to visit for a week and we had a great time. It almost felt like vacation. The holidays are getting closer and we are hoping for snow. I am googling Nordic skiing in WA and thinking that this might be the year when I grow up and stay flat. I found my roller skis in the garage that someone hid after a little coccyx accident a few years ago but I think it’s time to dust them off and roll around Redmond in style.  

Time goes on, we live and learn. The girls wake up and go to school and then to work/practice every day and I am enormously proud of their work ethics. The best kids. The schedule is kind of crazy though. They can’t wait for finals and a long break. The older ones are traveling before Christmas and I get a week to kick start and work on driving skills with no 3, working our way up to using the gas pedal.

Dwayne Johnson is apparently the sexiest man alive. I know this is kind of trivial, but what? What happened to Pierce Brosnan? The big biceps are apparently speaking to people. When on the subject, training is not very bueno. No goal, no good. I am ready to set goals, even if it means a boring marathon. I think this whole recovery took a steep turn last night or maybe this morning. It’s been a pretty boring fall with an extremely slow recovery phase and useless limbs. I’ve been sleeping more than ever and have zero endurance. But I had an epiphany last night running in the rain, wet clothes, muddy shoes, backpack with too much gear and a paddle in my hand. This is it people, it’s turning around. And I must say that I truly enjoyed the run, headlight on, mud in between my toes and a leaking backpack. And when you feel good in pretty stinky situations then you know it’s progress. Life at its best.   

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