In med det nya och ut med det gamla

2016. Not much to say about this year, it sounds like it’s been a pretty bad year all around the world. Let’s just finish it, close it and start a new one. It’s been a life hands you lemons, make lemonade meeehh lets just mix a GT kind of year.

We finished this last week with an ambulance trip to the ER with Caroline that fell from the top of the climbing wall and hurt her back. All good, nothing seems to be broken but she scared us a little bit. No interval training beats the scary moments with phone calls/ambulance/ER, it sure raises your heartrate. And it feels horrible to see your kid motionless on a stretcher. Other than that the kids are all doing great. Volleyball season started a month ago and this year three family members are involved in different ways. School started Tuesday and as always we don’t get to celebrate Twelfth Night. That part of the Bible seems to be left out here. But honestly I don’t really know how to celebrate it more than that my parents used to throw a heck of a party and it’s my sisters birthday. Christmas is concentrated to a short morning here but we do our best to stretch it out for a few weeks.

The how and why… and why me…not again kind of year. This year has been all about recovery. How to get back after sickness or an injury. Believe me, I know how to do it. These past months have been endless and very motionless. I am probably to blame that the world is getting penicillin resistant.

The running part of my life is very much a walking part with occasional sprints. And the lifting part of my life is slow but steady. I started the year recovering from a big shoulder surgery and will end the year recovering from big abdominal surgery. It’s been a blast. My bikes are collecting dust and I’m not really in need of new hiking shoes. (Well maybe, shoes age and dry when not used) But that will change with the new year. I feel really excited about 2017. New adventures.  


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